I work with current and emerging healers, change-makers, creatives, and visionaries who have a deep calling to serve....

People who also feel scared to take a risk.
Scared to fail.
Scared to be seen.
And lost with how to begin. 

Through a fusion of healing and transformative leadership guidance, I help you connect with compassion, courage, and trust so that you can empower yourself to commit to what you love most and create a life that reflects who you truly are.

True conscious leadership guidance requires a groundwork of healing to help people to release the self-limiting beliefs, cycles of fear and self-sabotage that have been holding them back their entire lives. That's usually where we begin.

What lies on the other side is emotional resilience through radical self-acceptance (embracing their messy humanness), the energized courage that comes from that, and deep trust: three ingredients that are absolutely necessary to fully show up in the world with our gifts. The combination is a magnetized way of being that attracts success without needing to do anything.

We work together to align your way of being with your goals, sharpen the arrow of your intention, transcend money blocks, and empower you to truly believe in yourself and move forward with aligned, imperfect action. We use whatever experiences come up along the way to help you ascend more deeply into who you truly are, an authenticity that flows into your business and helps you attract more success into your life without you needing to do anything.