About Me

First of all thank you for being here. I’m grateful that you’re choosing to spend your time with me, and I’m glad you are here.

I value connection - sincere and connected revealing of the heart in confidence.

I like to think of myself as a marriage of simple, soulful business living and high consciousness thinking.

My personality is compassionate, empathic, playful, quiet, bold, and rooted in sincerity. I value devotion; any kind of devotion to something higher than our masks. Devotion consistently saves me from my tendency towards self-absorption and fear. As much as my Miami-born way of being is to mask my flaws, I value showing my imperfections so others can feel more comfortable with their own, too. I'm still working on owning mine more deeply.

I’m a visionary. I am really good at seeing exactly what I want with clarity and bringing it to life, and I’m skilled at helping others to do that, too. Being an empathic visionary is what helps me listen to people incredibly well, and hear/see/feel what they’re saying beneath what they’re saying. I'm good at putting words to what is not yet understood in others.

The gift I was given is to facilitate transformative experiences. I have spent the past 3 years resisting this truth in cleverly disguised ways. I am finally owning this responsibility, and surrendering to it with a spirit of gratitude and devotion. I feel grateful to have come into this life with this gift.

I endeavor to treat life like the rare precious gift that it is.,, I try to take it seriously with a playful spirit of discovery, and I am constantly in the question of what is serving and what is not serving myself and others. I like fine-tuning myself to be more of service.

Unapologetic self-expression is one of my favorite qualities. I have always been magnetized towards people of this quality in my life. It took me two decades, but finally one day I realized that I have that quality, too. I consider myself a "sparkle," of many in my community.

I feel firmly rooted in my life-long mission to help others become more of who they truly are so they can fully devote themselves to their purposeful service, too.


Work, Story, + Philosophy

My emotional journey has been one of making friends with insecurity, pain, and self-absorption. Thanks to a commitment to healing and self-awareness, the greatest pains of my past - including emotional neglect from an alcoholic father, body-shame, and mean girl bullying - have become my greatest assets, giving me deep understanding to empathize with people’s suffering, and help them heal deep old wounds of inadequacy.

The service I am currently leaning into is birthing leaders. Helping leaders-in-hiding transform themselves into leaders in the world. I work with people who have a deep calling to serve and feel stuck in the womb-like comfort zone of no-risk-taking, and I help guide them to the light of their service through a fusion of transformative healing and leadership guidance.  I am known for my deeply empathic presence, supportive tools, and my ability to put clarifying words to what is unseen or unspoken in others. Though my focus at the moment is working with leaders, the core of what I do is help people to develop and transform themselves, which I believe is an imperative foundation to any kind of business (and life or relationship) success.

Answering my soul’s deepest calling to serve has brought loads of magic into my life, including the gift of getting to witness my clients stepping into who they are, as well as the gift of my own rapid personal transformation - moving beyond deep fears very quickly, and embodying who I am more fully. I have discovered that we discover who we are the most fully when we wholly devote ourselves to serving others, and reciprocally, that we serve others best when we bring all of who we are into our service. 

I know now that this is the freedom we are all looking for - to feel free through living our potential, being who we truly are, and serving others with our authenticity and unique gifts. It’s an exponentially satisfying journey.

My vision is a community of spirited believers who have crafted lives that truly reflect who we are and what we love most in a way that supports transformation in others. I see this collective as a powerful, inspiring eddy of self-actualization, along this river of challenging times we live in.


Background + Cred

I wasn’t always planning on being an entrepreneur. I went to an art and design magnet program in Miami, FL where the majority of my exploratory artwork was focused on meaningful introspection and understanding our psyches. I like noticing these themes in my life. I received one of 10 scholarships in the world to go to School of the Art Institute in Chicago, and I kindly declined because my intuition told me for some reason to go to the University of Florida. It didn’t make any sense at the time, but it makes all the sense in the world to me now as you will see soon. 

I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing. I used to think marketing sucked people’s souls dry. I still do, but today I see that it’s about how we use it. A knife in the hand of a surgeon heals. I knife in the hand of a murder kills. I like healing.

The day I graduated college, I left to begin a thru-hike of 2100 miles of the Appalachian Trail. I got as far as 550 miles, and it was one of the best accomplishments of my life.

Returning to Gainesville, I worked different jobs that fulfilled parts of me, but not all of me. In 2014, my reason for choosing Gainesville was revealed when I met my coaching mentors through one of their personal transformation seminars. Those seminars were the biggest before-and-after landmark of my life. I loved them so much I participated in 6 of them across 3 years. It was through that intention to heal that I awakened my gift of facilitating transformation in others, and my life purpose fully announced itself to me, and I dove in head first.

Soon after, I enrolled and completed coach-training with my mentors through the Satvatove Institute School of Transformative Coaching, an International Coach Federation-approved coaching training program that has a spiritual basis to it.

Despite the privileged jobs I had, my life purpose pulled at my heartstrings and working anywhere else eventually felt near to unbearable. I decided to jump off and dive into the deep end of trust through 100% self-employment, and I built a successful soulful coaching business within 9 months of graduating from my program. I feel proud of the solid foundation of trust I jumped from. I believe all of my success was actually birthed from my meditation mat. I’ll write a blog post about this one day.

I have since been studying universal spiritually-based coaching principles through the Bhagavad-Gita, a 5000 year old book of spiritual wisdom. It's a lifelong reading. I have voluntarily served as staff for over 490 hours of the Satvatove Institute’s personal transformation seminars, witnessing the inspiring transformations of hundreds people. I staff their seminars every year. My goal is to be facilitating these seminars along their side by 2023.

In the mean time, inspired by those seminars, I designed and facilitated my own seminar in 2016, "Rewild Your Soul," to help my clients cultivate radical self-love. It was a beautiful, heart-exploding success. I facilitate this seminar for just a few special souls every year. 

Now my work leans towards helping leaders cultivate self-love and -trust, and to turn on and tune into their true essence as powerful conscious change-agents worthy of being loved, seen, heard, and paid well for what they do.


Professional Bio

Healer of healers. Coach of coaches. Aspiring woman of devotion. Brielle is a Transformative Leadership Coach with a gift for helping current and emerging healers, change makers, creatives, and visionaries transform into the leaders of meaningful impact they know they are meant to be. Through one-on-one and group programs, Brielle is able to guide people who have a deep calling to serve to move beyond their fears, cultivate inner resilience, own who they are, share their deepest self with the world, and bring their inspired visions to life. Through inspired writings and free online offerings, she creates transformative experiences for all to absorb, integrate, and apply at brielleelise.com