When we get lost in the "How" to manifest our goals.


Sometimes we have an idea of where we want to go, but we get totally lost and frozen with the “how” to get there… not seeing any clear path from point a to b, we feel defeated, discouraged, and our self-limiting beliefs explode into a voracious vortex of self-doubt and “shoulds” which make it even harder to know what step to take.

What I’ve learned on my path is that the “how” isn’t our job to figure out.

99% of the time, when you think you know the “how” the Universe is going to smack you around a little bit and rearrange everything you thought you knew about your plan to remind you that it’s not your job to know how.

What I’ve discovered is that our only job is to 1) be super clear about what we desire and why we desire it 2) be fully committed to it happening, even if we have no idea how it will happen 3) and we need to fully embody who we need to be for that vision to happen while trusting the Universe to figure out the “how” for us.

When you get out of the Universe’s way with your fear, and your over-planning, and your over-compensating, the magic that you could never have even thought of starts flowing into your life, and the “how” magically figures itself out. It can be really hard to stop giving power to fear, but take it from someone who has a thread of insecurity weaving throughout my whole life, it’s possible.

It just requires a choice - to commit to you, to your freedom, to what you love most, and to that meaningful impact that you feel in your bones that you’re meant to make on the world.

Brielle Martinez