How my intuition saved my life last week (literally)


I was driving on the highway, on my way to my family’s home to take care of my grandma who hurt herself the other day. I was going very fast, in the flow of other cars but definitely above the speed limit.

Suddenly my intuition told me to slow down because something was about to happen. I thought maybe a cop was going to be around the corner.

I wasn’t sure if it was really my intuition or just my mind playing games with me, but the feeling was palpable so I decided to listen and slow down.

Literally seconds later a car swerved into my lane right in front of me and I had to hit the brakes to quickly slow down and avoid hitting it. The car in their lane seemed to have broken down suddenly and the car had to swerve to avoid hitting it. If I hadn’t slowed down, I definitely would have hit that car. I was amazed that my intuition guided me and protected me like that. 

Literally, my intuition saved my life.

And it’s led me to realize how our intuition truly can save our lives, though it may not seem like it in less precarious decisions.

I have many powerful examples of intuition guiding me in ways that didn’t make sense in the moment but made all the sense later on:

  • Intuition is what guided me to go to the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL when I had 1 of 10 scholarships in the world to go to a prestigious art school in Chicago.  My brain would have called that an unwise choice. My heart knew something I didn’t.

    It was in Gainesville that I would eventually meet my mentors who helped me heal deep wounds and taught me everything I know about coaching.
  • Intuition is what guided me to go to an event one night in 2013 where I met a friend who introduced me to those mentors’ personal growth seminars. My brain couldn’t justify why to go when my life felt decent, but my heart said, “Yes!”.

    Those seminars ended up being the biggest before and after landmark of my life. I did the work of 6 years of therapy in those seminars in just 6 days, releasing years of pain and fear that were holding me back from feeling loved and free in my life.
  • Intuition is what guided me just days before my coach training program to sign up on a whim, when I had no plan to be a coach at the time. My brain said, “You can’t afford it. You don't have the time.” My heart said, “Something is here for me.”

    Today, the principles and tools I learned in that program are the pillars that are now holding up my life - empowering me to support many people to heal and transform their lives, and sustaining my soul and needs in the process.

So those are all big examples, but my intuition has guided me in smaller ways, too:

  • Intuition is what gave me, while staffing one of those seminars, the impulse to say something to a participant, which ended up being one of the most transformative moments of their seminar experience.
  • While meditating one morning before one of those seminars that I was staffing, intuition is what told me to “Go get breakfast now!” when my brain telling me “You have to finish your meditation before you go get breakfast."

    Listening to the strong desire, I ran into a volunteer who only was able to find us because she and I crossed paths in that moment that I was on my way to get breakfast.
  • In preparation of a weekly ceremonial workshop that I had been leading all month, intuition is what told me to ”Go get green plants, and not the pink flowers that you usually get,” when my brain was telling me “the pink flowers are easier to find... just get them."

    I got the green plants for the ceremony, and that day was the only day that there were only men in my workshop.

And today, intuition is what is guiding me to go to India in January, even though I have many voices (my family) telling me it’s not a good idea. We will see how this one unfolds….

I think sometimes we are terrified of listening to our intuition.

We sometimes have low trust in ourselves, and we are scared to make the “wrong” choice, scared that we won’t be safe, or scared to feel the pain of disappointment in ourselves later if we did make an unwise choice.

It’s easy to feel this way when society and sometimes our family have very loud opinions, and it’s easy to let them fuel our our fear, and quiet our intuition. 

And that’s okay. We are human, and all this fear is just part of the journey. Sometimes fear is there to protect us.

Other times, it’s actually just getting in our way.

And when it’s the latter kind of fear, what may be underneath that, is possibly more honestly the fear of stepping out of playing small and actually playing big. The fear of the risk of being seen and being heard. The fear of standing strong in our power, and the responsibility that comes with our power.

And that’s okay, too.

My journey into self-employment has been one of learning to love that fear, and use it to nurture me rather than stop me, or make me feel inadequate.

Sometimes, that fear has even been a very loud indicator of what my intuition wants me to do.

I felt so much resistance to participate in those personal growth seminars for a second time (I did them three times). But I knew that resistance, that fear, was there to tell me, “Hey, there is so much powerful growth here for you, and yes it’s scary, AND it’s totally worth it.”

And my second time in the seminar was THE most transformative for me of all the other times!

So what I’ve discovered is that… our fears are TRUE.

If we do listen to our intuition and stand in our power, 100% guaranteed people are going to be disappointed in us, people are going to want to knock us down, people are going to reject us, and we won't be okay… because that’s just a part of life.

And also, 100% guaranteed, if we don’t listen to our intuition and don’t stand in our power, people are going to be disappointed in us, people are going to want to knock us down, people are going to reject us, and we won't be okay… because that’s just a part of life.

It’s the same either way!

The difference is that when we don’t listen to our intuition, we also feel very disappointed, unloved, and unsupported… by ourselves. And when we do listen to our intuition, we end up feeling supported, loved, held, and empowered by ourselves, and our trust builds and builds. And there’s no price you can put on that.

So how do we move through fear, and listen to our intuition? I think by listening to one whisper at a time. 

By quieting the noise around us, suspending all the judgments and expectations about what we and others think we should do, and through walks, through meditations, through pauses throughout our days, just listening.

Listen without any expectation of guidance, and just wait, listening, with patience.

Then when we finally hear some guidance that is not so intimidating to follow, we follow it. That builds a little bit a trust.

And then we keep doing that, over and over again, and eventually we feel trusting enough to listen to the intuition that is scarier to follow, and over time our trust grows to be as tall as a mountain, and we get guidance to read this book, or go to this event, or study with this person…  or maybe even slow down so we don’t get killed.

So how will you listen to your intuition?

With love and trust,

<3 Brielle Elise

Brielle Martinez