How I manifested my previous monthly income in just 6 days from doing what I love, and how you can, too.

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My relationship with money has been a contradicting mixture of apathy and attachment. I have simultaneously not cared about money while also caring so much for it. I always knew that what truly mattered in life was beyond the size of my bank account. At the same time, I was scared to not have what I needed, and I fantasized about having an abundance so I could pay for dinner without thinking about the cost. For as long as I can remember in my adult years, my relationship with money was one of scarcity in which I believed that money was hard to come by, easy to lose, and that I needed to be careful with it, or else my well-being would be in jeopardy. My relationship with money today is very different, and very similar.

Today I feel the most trust I ever have regarding money, truly believing that I will always be provided what I need. After almost two years of 100% self-employment, I now have an ever deepening conviction that money is a divine energy, and that as long as I am opening myself up to the Source of that divine energy through my beliefs, my actions, and my service, that I will always be provided for.

At the same time, I still don’t really care about money.

What I care about is empowerment - being a servant to others’ radical self-love, courage, and trust, helping people to truly believe in themselves and make the leap into successful soul-employment (which can look like many ways, from seeking a 9-5 job to aspiring to leave a 9-5).

Since money is a common pain-point for people on this path, I use money as a gateway to empower people to raise their self-awareness about what within them is holding them back from creating the abundance they desire.

This isn't a blog post telling you what practical things you can do in your life to make more money. This is a blog post inviting you to look within yourself to see the ways that you are keeping money from entering your life, and also consider ways that you can attract so much more of it, simply by fine tuning your thoughts, behaviors, and relationship with money, and with the Universe.  Attracting more money has nothing to do with what we do or how much we work. It has everything to do with our way of being, or our consciousness. 

From the day I left my 9-5 so that I could make that leap of trust into 100% self-employment, I somehow always had exactly what I needed financially.  The money didn’t always come from my service - I had only a few clients at the time - but the money did come, and in random ways, and exactly when I needed it to, often magically when I was about to hit zero dollars a few times. For a year now, money has come predominantly from my private coaching practice and side-project non-profit Rewild Soul (detour -  your commercial break to Rewild Soul, transformative wilderness empowerment non-profit for professionals), and more recently in the past few months, I’ve attracted more than I ever have, with just having received $2,137 in the past 6 days.

Honestly I think what is most impressive (not impressive of me, but impressive of the Universe) is the fact that I always had what I needed even when it wasn’t coming from my coaching practice. That to me is so much more impressive, proving that the Universe has our back, than generating this money in the past week.

And proves the power of clear intention, which is the language that the Universe speaks.

Probably by now, you have heard of the power of intention. I describe the power of intention as the force that manifests results - both desirable and undesirable results.

The power of intention is always at play. We are always manifesting at every moment. The question is, where are we manifesting from?

From a mind-state that money is scarce and that you don’t deserve the money you want? From a place of trust that you will always have what you need? From a deep belief that you are worthy of the abundance you desire? From a deep belief that you are not worthy? Our consciousness directly impacts the amount of abundance that flows or does not flow into our lives.

Clear intention includes and transcends the power of intention because it is conscious intention -  intention that is supercharged with magnetic potency through us intentionally choosing what consciousness we manifest from.

If we don’t consciously choose where we manifest from, then our autopilot ways of being - which are often rooted in feelings of fear, insecurity, and unworthiness - take over and drive us in the direction we don’t want to go, and then we get surprised how come we don’t have what we want.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

So clear intention requires being conscious about where we are manifesting from, so that we can take full responsibility of the results we are deeply desiring in our lives.

There are a couple points I have to share about this.

  1. Clear intention requires being incredibly clear about what we want. If we want to drive to a destination, we need to know where we are going, otherwise, we are sure to get lost. (Acknowledgment to my mentor David Wolf of the Satvatove Institute for teaching me about clear intention and it's components).

  2. Clear intention also means that we need to really, really, really, REALLY want what we say we want. Sometimes we say we want something, and we take action towards it, but our fear and self-doubt is subconsciously pushing what we want far away. So we need to really want what we say we want, and communicate that through our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and entire way of being. It helps to be fully aligned with what we say we want... For what we want to be a full FUCK YES, aligned with our deepest values and purpose.

  3. Clear intention requires believing that what we want can actually happen to us. Sometimes we want something, but we have a limiting belief that what we want can’t actually happen to us. If we don’t believe it’s possible, then usually this highlights deep feelings of unworthiness, and lack of trust in the Universe having our back. This point is often where we need to do the most work within ourselves. Don’t fret if this rings true for you… just more opportunities to heal and ascend more deeply into your true nature.

  4. For us to be fully connected with clear intention, we need to adjust our way of being to be in full alignment with what we want. Our way of being is what the Universe responds to. We can ask ourselves, “Who do I need to be to manifest what I am wanting? Who do I need to be to fully show up for myself and for the people I am desiring to serve?” This often might be a radical transformation from where we stand now, though it’s often not as far as we think. Transforming our way to being just requires devoted intention - deciding how we want to be, and loving ourselves enough to commit to BE that, in whatever way it takes, whether it’s a strong daily intention, or something more rigorous like rolling up our sleeves to do whatever healing we need to do, to hire whichever coach or counselor we’ve been drawn to, to go do that transformative seminar we’ve been curious about, etc.


  5. When it comes to attracting more money, we need to seriously consider what our relationship with money has been to this point, and ask ourselves, have I been attracting or repelling money through my thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors? Manifesting what we desire is about consciously transforming our beliefs, our attitudes, our behaviors, and our relationship with money to make our way of being be a magnet to that divine financial energy flowing abundantly into our lives.

Money is a divine feminine energy.

We can think of money like a person. When I realized this, I considered the relationship I was having with this person. I realized that I was telling her a few repelling things: that she is the root of all evil, that she is scarce, that I didn’t deserve to hold as much of her as I wanted, and that I was powerless to keeping her around. I thought, no wonder I haven’t been manifesting what I’ve wanted. I would totally have run away if that’s the message someone was sending to me.

Once I realized that, I made a very intentional choice to transform my relationship with money. Here are a few things I did to amend this relationship:

  1. I wrote a letter to this divine feminine energy, acknowledging the ways I was detracting her from entering my life more, and amending my relationship with her.

  2. I made it a regular practice to consciously acknowledge the abundance that I already had, and root into a deep gratitude for that. I also acknowledge every time I receive abundance in some way - whether through food, a gift, or a new client. I recognize these as abundance when they come, and give a high five to this divine person for showing up in this way.

  3. I got really clear about how much money I wanted, and I hired a coach to help me work through deep feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt.

  4. Every time I buy something, I consider it an “investment” that will circulate back to me, and I envision myself as connected to the Source of abundance. I especially do this when I am investing in something more expensive, like hiring my coach. I am amazed now that every time I make an investment, usually that same day, or maybe the day before or after, the exact amount of money I just invested (usually more) comes to me.

  5. I continuously work on my way of being to root myself in trust and courage. The Universe does not care about what we do. The universe cares about who we are - our way of being, and what consciousness we are manifesting from, so I focus there with serious devoted intention. This should be #1. It is the most important.

  6. I constantly stretch myself to give 100% to my service for where I am at, at this point in my life. The Universe doesn’t care about what we do. The Universe cares about how we are being, and the Universe really appreciates sincerity - how sinceree we are with our intentions. We can communicate our sincerity through our action. It's kind of like when your partner says s/he loves you, and you either definitely feel that through their action, or you don't. When I decided to make money a priority, I made a commitment to be resourceful, and to be humble, and take whatever opportunities came my way to send the Universe the message that I was serious about attracting abundance. This looked like getting paid to do dishes for a friend a few times when she had her hands full with her family. It was awesome actually! It felt so empowering to connect with there being no work too “low” for me to do, and to help a friend in need.. I’m sure I’ll do it again if she asks me - haha.

Today I believe that abundance is a way of being. I like to synonymize abundance with yoga. Yoga does not mean physical postures. Yoga actually means to connect, to be united to the Source, and that’s exactly what abundance is. 

You can imagine that there is a waterfall that is filling a pool of water. When we are in scarcity, we are focused on the pool of water, and how much water we “have", ignoring the waterfall. This pool of water that we "have" is an illusion. We never “have” money because it does not belong to us. Abundance is standing in the waterfall, trusting that we are always connected to the Source of the water, always open to receive the abundance that is not ours, but is provided to us when we need it.

You can ask yourself, are you focused on "having" the pool of water, or are you connected with standing in the flow of the waterfall?

It requires a lot of trust to stand in the flow of waterfall. Honestly, I think all of this stuff may just sound like empty words until you have an experience of it. Trust is like another planet when we've been scared for so long. My intention is that what you've read here has given you at least 1% more insight, inspiration, and trust than your fear, inspiring you to inquire what it is that has been holding you back from attracting the money you desire. The truth is that my attracting this abundance did not happen over night. It happened after many months of intention, devotion, and inner work. I think it's about meeting ourselves where we're at, and taking important half steps forward from there.

Today my relationship with money is one of ever-deepening trust and abundance, AND, to be honest, that trust does teeter when I am coming up against my next financial goal, expanding my threshold to the next uncharted territory (like now!).

That is totally natural. I now welcome these uncomfortable edges because each one has proven to be an opportunity for deepening trust, and life gets so much more rich, more free, when I get stronger in this trust that the Universe is supporting me, especially when I am rooted in conscious intention.

I am made of the same stuff as you. You are just as powerful as I am, and you have everything you need within you to be who you want to be, to fully show up in the world for yourself and for others, and to attract the abundance you desire.

I invite you to run through the things I’ve shared, and identify just one area for your personal development. Is it in getting clear about what you want? Connecting with worthiness or trust? Transforming your relationship with money? 

Pick one, and start there.

Thank you and I hope this serves you on your path. I would love to hear how this blog post has resonated with you. Contact me to let me know.

In your devoted service.

xoxo Brielle Elise

ps. If you’ve liked what you’ve read, consider working with me one-on-one or in one of my group programs. I can help you realign your way of being to attract abundance into your life, heal those wounds that tell you that “you can’t” attract the money you want, and help you move through the fearful resistance and self-doubt that has been keeping you stuck for this long. I work with people who are ready to love themselves enough to roll up their sleeves and commit to what they know their service is at this juncture in their lives. If that’s you, and you feel the call, contact me and we’ll schedule a chat to see where it is you’re getting stuck, and create some movement for you.

Brielle Martinez