The journey into believing in myself.


I remember the moment my mentor told me the most confronting feedback I ever heard in my life: “I experience you as committed to the belief that you’re not good enough.”

I started back at her, wide eyed and stunned. I didn’t know what to do. I just slowly walked away without saying anything lol.

Her feedback was exactly what I needed to hear to help me put the power back in my hands to put down that self-doubt literally overnight and metamorphosize from a girl scared to proclaim her place in the world one day into a woman boldly declaring “I WANT TO LIVE” the next.

I mean that literally. I shared this in front of a group while in a personal growth seminar. I received feedback after feedback that they experienced me as a totally different person from the 1st day to the 2nd day of the seminar. I cried.

A trail of co-dependent relationships behind me and a lifetime of living from the belief that everyone had something I didn’t, I felt like a new person that day. I felt like a woman who was no longer willing to send myself the message that I didn’t deserve to thrive.

I felt like a woman who was tired of letting self-doubt get in my way, and was ready to take a risk and believe in myself. I felt like a woman who was unwilling to live the rest of her life never knowing what it means to fully show up in the world.

Since then I’ve experienced majors highs and lows in life - I endured a heart-wrenching break up with the love of my life, I felt my grandfather’s hand go cold as he died next to me (in the middle of my breakup), I started a non-profit with my best friend, fulfilled my dream of leading transformative wilderness trips, and facilitated two personal growth seminars.

But probably the most life-altering experience was the decision I made 2 years later to commit to what I love most by bringing my ideal life vision from my imagination to reality.

I was hesitant at first but I decided that taking a risk and failing was more successful and self-loving than not trying at all. I also trusted the deep knowing I felt that this was my right path. I’ve been self-employed ever since, struggling initially, but finally thriving, and really loving a life that feels like an authentic expression of my deepest self.

Something important I’ve learned along the way is that everyone has a unique service to offer the world, and that even though there are a billion other people in my industry, my unique combination of life experiences qualifies me to serve specific people out there in a way that no one else can.

I’ve recently taken another life-altering direction.

I’ve been offering coaching and programs to anyone and everyone that I can because I believe in people even when they don’t believe in themselves, and I know that I’m skilled enough to help anyone.

It’s happy about that because it has gotten me far, and at the same time, I've realized that is that the raw life experience I have of building two successful businesses from the ground up in less than 3 years, being sustained in self-employment from the moment I started, curating unique creative programs that reflect what I love most, and maintaining a strong ~2.5 hours of spiritual practice everyday for the past 7 months, is that I really want my knowledge to go into the hands of the people who like me will use what I teach them to serve in the highest ways, who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to bring their vision to life, who are ready to step out of the patterns of fear and self-doubt that have been holding them back their entire lives like the average person.

If that’s you, I invite you to contact me and let me know what it is about what you've read that's resonated with you.

Here’s to the people who are ready to send themselves and the world the message, “I choose life.”

Photo by DovetailVeil Photography <3

Brielle Martinez