When the deep calling to serve is constricted by fear. What it means to be free.


My tight and constricted jaw bone has been ruminating on what it means to be free.

Over the past few years I have felt the most free I ever have in love, life, and work, and I attribute this to a willingness to do intentional deep healing over the past few years. I am deeply grateful for being born with a heart and mind that is in love with blooming and rising, personally and spiritually. Not everyone is like that, but I do believe that everyone wants to feel free in themselves. I think all of us are driven by unconscious deep-seeded beliefs, and somehow with the cocktail of life experiences that my karma poured me, I developed some drunk belief that I was somehow not free to be me - that who I was is not acceptable.

Through the sweet vulnerability of singing lessons I have been staring face to face (literally, my voice teacher makes me sing in front of the mirror) with the lack of freedom that is stored deep in my bones - my jaw bone actually.

For some reason my jaw holds so much tension. Most of my not-feeling-fully-free-to-be-me lives there. Once again I feel the most free than I ever have personally, spiritually, and materially, yet there are always more layers, and this is one I am sitting with now. It is the pain that is now asking for my attention.

There are so many coaches out there who want you to see them as perfect. I'm not one of them.

I'm a real. human. person. And part of that package means I come with a ton of flaws, like you. But lately, I've realized, that it's not my beautiful imperfections that cause me suffering - it's my relationship with them that keep me from feeling free, and I see so many of us doing that: not giving ourselves permission to feel what we feel, or to make mistakes, or to be... human. We are scared of being seen as being flawed (human) and we hide our true selves and gifts from the world, terrified of being accused of being... not enough, unworthy, a.k.a... human.

We make our humanity be what alienates us and de-values us, and I'm honestly really tired of that with myself. I am sincerely driven to make my and your humanity be what unites us, and empowers us.

One way I am doing this is a commitment to be vulnerable when it serves people by showing my flaws like a hand of cards, and owning these things that are beautifully imperfect about me, in the hopes that they help you give yourself permission to be beautifully imperfect, too.

Another way I am doing this is through two offerings (one free, and one a light investment) that I am sincerely grateful to present to you today (seriously - they took me three friggin' weeks to birth these two into the world).

The first is the Bloom by Being You Project, a free community-wide 21-day transformative healing and empowerment challenge designed to launch your journey of radical self-love, courage, trust, and unapologetic self-expression.

I designed specifically for rising conscious leaders who have a deep calling to serve, and who struggle with feeling free to be as they are. Read more about it, and join me! I'm not sure what quality I'm going to grow over those 21 days, but I will let you know when I do. The community-wide movement begins on November 1st.

The second is an intimate 6-week online transformative group program that I am only inviting 6 special souls to join me in.

It's called Devoted to Rise: Self-Compassion, Courage, Clarity, and Trust for Rising Conscious Healers, Creatives, and Visionaries (11/13 - 12/18). I designed this program for those who have a deep calling to serve, and want to move beyond their fear of not being enough. 

I have discovered that through the power of inspiring authenticity in safe spaces, we naturally cultivate an emotional resilience and deep inner love that carries us on our journeys.

In this group experience, you'll have an opportunity to heal your inner critic, cultivate a compassionate inner voice to support you on your way, get crystal clear on how you want to serve others, root yourself a regular consciousness practice and devotion to your service, approach your life vision from a secure place within, and build courage through the loving support of your community. With us working souls in mind, I priced this program to be affordable. If your soul feels called, I hope you give yourself the gift of this experience. Registration is open until November 7th.

Thanks for giving me some of your precious time.

From my being to yours, with a spritz of sparkle,

<3 Brielle Elise

Brielle Martinez