Why people want to work with you and not the 75,463 other people in your industry doing the exact same thing.


When I first committed to bring my ideal life vision into reality, I remember thinking one day, "Why the fuck would anyone would want to work with me when there are tens of thousands of other people doing basically they exact same thing as me, if not more?"

After a few years into this journey, I've discovered exactly why people want to work with me, and also why people want to work with you, too... 

The truth is, you have a unique collaboration of life experiences that no one else has - a combination that fuels you in a way that no one else is fueled, and drives you to create things in a way that know one else is creating in that unique way.

You have a unique pain that has cut you so deeply, held you back so uncomfortably, and at the same time, has given you the greatest gift of unique understanding to empathize with a specific group of people out there who are eager to finally feel cared for by someone who really gets them.

And I would bet that the loud voice inside your head that says "I can't" sounds strikingly similar to dozens if not hundreds of other people's inner critics, and it makes you uniquely qualified help them turn that "I can't" into an "I can."

I also believe that the combination of your vocal chords with your life history have arranged to create distinct voice that can speak to the heart that a specific group of people who are deaf to all ears but yours.

And I know for sure that the specific collage of things that make you come alive also makes a certain group of people in the world come alive, and there’s a distinct way that you can combine these things unlike anyone else can that will ignite these people.

Maybe I don't know how you very well or at all, but what I do know that you is that you came to this life for a reason and it’s not to spend it hiding your deepest self from the world.

It's not to feel unsatisfied and disappointed in yourself as your head hits the pillow at night.

It's not to wake up with the anxious feeling of inadequacy that clouds your whole day.

And it's not to live your whole life without knowing what it feels like to share your deepest self with the world.

I believe that you're here to fulfill some purpose, what that purpose is, only you can know that, but I know that's true.

I believe that you're here to use whatever experiences are in front of you - the beauty, the pain, the discomfort - to do radical self-inquiry as to what those experiences mean about you and who you are and what you value most.

I believe you're here to be a messy AF human, and make a lot of mistakes, and use all of that to learn more about who you really are, embrace your messiness and use it to help people do the same.

And my favorite, I believe that you're here to serve.

And I believe that you truly won't be satisfied until you experience the freedom of fully devoting yourself to a life of serving others with your gifts, whatever those maybe.

Even if all of what I said was completely off the mark, what I definitely know about you is that you’re you, and because you're you, your message is worth hearing, your being is worth experiencing, your experiences are worth sharing, your dreams are worth seeing, and your life is worth living.

So thank you for being you, and PLEASE keep being a real AF human so we can ignite more people to embrace the messy package of being a spiritual being having an imperfect human experience, and use it to step more fully into our roles to serve in this lifetime.

With a messy morning head, and 2 hours a beautiful, resistant meditation ahead of me,

<3 Brielle

Brielle Martinez