My life journey has been one of seeking.

I didn't realize it all those years, but
what I was searching for was the fulfillment of freedom:

+ The deep freedom of feeling unapologetically me.

+ The empowering freedom of feeling ALIVE in my potential.

+ And the freeing fulfillment of being useful, serving the world in some meaningful way.


And I found what I was seeking.

I found it in surprising places actually. I realized that the experience I was searching for was always within me, waiting for me to find it. I also realized that the entire time I was searching for you, too. 

I discovered that we feel most free to be who we are when we wholly devote ourselves to serving others with the fullness of our gifts, and reciprocally that we serve others best when we bring all of who we authentically are into our service.

That is where your freedom and fulfillment lives: in the intersection of your authenticity and your sincere desire to serve. That's where your gifts turn to gold and facilitate true transformation into the lives of you and your people - your friends, your family, your children, and your clients; all though you simply being you.  

Before I realized this, I was suffering in the safety of stagnancy, where my gifts sat there waiting for me to believe in myself and commit in my vision.

I felt scared and controlled by a deep-seeded belief that I was not good enough or unworthy of love. Because I had within me a deep calling to serve others, eventually the pain of waiting became greater than the anticipated pain of risk. I was tired of the pain of my unrealized gifts, and I was even more exhausted from feeling so unfree to be me.


At the junction of two kinds of fear - the fear of inadequacy and fear of not living my potential - I made a choice.

I made a commitment to RISE.

And I did, but it looked like diving in head first the deep end of my own personal growth. Over the course of three years I participated in six transformative seminars, regular one-on-one coaching with my mentors that I still continue today, and peer-supported transformative experiences, too.

Over time, I realized that the cliche was true: everything I was searching for was always in me; that I had everything I needed within me to feel fulfilled, loved, and free, right now. Through my healing, I uncovered my transformative gift of facilitating others' to feel worthy of love and live their vision, too. It's a deeply nourishing two-way exchange that I feel blessed to get to experience almost every day. I love serving the people I serve, and I love believing in them.

Even though I knew that I had everything I needed within me to be free, I realized that I couldn't do it alone. I craved sangha (supportive community). I craved seva (selfless service). And I craved a connection with the Universe to carry me through the challenges. I've cultivated all three since uncovering my gifts, and the combination has supported me to step into the highest level of personal freedom I have ever experienced. Now I am called to guide you to experience your own hero or heroine's journey, too.