Brielle is a true healer of deep emotional trauma that keeps us feeling stuck in emotional patterns and that are difficult to understand. As a counselor-in-training, I started to re-experience very intense emotional PTSD from childhood trauma that came to the surface during the course of my program. I knew I wanted to heal and change my emotional patterns that mystified me for my whole life. Finding Brielle was the best possible thing that could have happened at that time in my life. She is empathetic, safe, meets you where you are, and also actively gives you a lot of tools to self-heal. I can honestly say that I use many of these skills on a daily basis and finally feel like I can be a friend to my emotions and I feel truly cared for by Brielle. You owe it to yourself to start healing by going to see Brielle.

Lizzie L., Counselor-in-training
Gainesville, FL

I am a second-time participant to Brielle’s Rewild Series, and I notice the progress with each session; how connected I feel to the path my inner child is setting up for me.

Brielle has an intrinsic gift of connecting me with parts of my memory that invoke emotions I had repressed. To be in her presence is to fully experience being in front of someone who makes it a priority to listen wholeheartedly and caringly for others. I feel so cared for by her message. She has an instinct to mirror back emotions, especially in the times I have unresolved pain or sadness from the past I was not aware I was carrying in my psyche. Even when I felt my own resistance to her methods, I fully trust her technique and would blindly follow her guidance throughout her workshops, as there is always a transformative lesson to be learned about myself at the end of day. Brielle’s projects are so methodically planned, you can sense how much of her she injects into thoughtfully creating a workshop series that is nurturing in its environment. She helped me find my way out of heartache and she did it by reminding me I am enough and that I am what I only need to be happy. I went from months of feeling very sad to feeling reborn with hope again. I now believe any person is capable of change, and it starts with the willingness to embrace the vulnerabilities that have been serving us to stay alive, and to then go from there. Unapologetic self-love and transformative communication are one of the biggest lessons I have learned through Brielle this year, so I thank her immensely for sharing her calling and message.

Lorna B., 
Gainesville, FL

I didn’t have any hesitations to work with Brielle. I felt guided by her, guided to be with her. During her seminar and coaching, I experienced moments of beauty, grace, acceptance, forgiveness, and love. I now know that they are even possible. I am also now more aware of my triggers, and I now know the freedom of understanding that I am not my emotions but I can give myself permission to experience my emotions knowing that anything that happens is okay. I now can see similar situations from a detached outside view, empathize with myself and forgive myself a bit, and this frees me to rise above a situation that would have trapped me before. This self-empathy that I learned is worth its weight in tears - the honesty, the pain, the healing, and the love and laughter on the other side. I now know this is available to me, so I work every day knowing it is there. What I appreciated most about Brielle was her compassion and attentiveness. I feel truly loved. This Rewild Your Soul seminar kept me from falling - hard. It is the most important thing I have done for myself, ever.

Jeanette K., 
Pollinator Protection Specialist, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Gainesville, FL

I feel like I found exactly what I was looking for at this time in my life when I started working with Brielle. Through her seminar and coaching, she provided a proactive method to take charge in my own life. I was blown away witnessing Brielle’s deep listening, her personality, seeing other women feel their deep emotions vulnerably and courageously, and watching women morph into more self aware and empowered beings right before my eyes. I also deeply appreciate how personable Brielle is, and the way she treats each person as an individual and empowered being. Since I started working with Brielle, I’ve regained strength to heal areas of myself that before I didn’t have the courage to face, and perhaps the most beautiful gift I got was discovering that I am a child of God. The concerns around finances I had in the beginning dropped quickly when I experienced what Brielle was offering. This kind of self-knowledge that I gained is priceless. It’s what we come to earth to do! If you are considering working with Brielle, trust that she is authentic, empathic, knowledgeable and present when she is speaking to you - because she truly is. I trust her completely.

Karrie Kay
Owner, Karrie Kay Cleaning, Gainesville, FL

Within six weeks of working with Brielle through her Rewild Your Soul seminar, I have achieved my goal - I’m experiencing a deeper connection with my self that is truly satisfying. I now have a greater understanding of who I am and what I want, and I feel more confident in even wanting what I want. I also have a much better relationship with my emotions: I feel more accepting of my emotions, more comfortable sitting with them, and I’m less afraid of them. Overall, I feel empowered in my being. I’m so glad I starting working with Brielle. At first, I hesitated to enroll in her seminar because I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend the money and I thought maybe I could achieve something similar on my own. Update: It was worth the money! The experience I had was so unique it would have felt impossible for me to achieve similar results on my own. I would recommend Brielle’s programs to anyone who wants a greater connection with themselves, desires to understand themselves better, feels that something is “missing” in their life, and/or wants support and encouragement in discovering and acting on their desires. What I liked best about working with Brielle was the openness and honesty from her; the genuineness emanating from her in every way. The experience that she facilitated was beautiful, warm, raw, and real. Also, the nurturing I saw her do with herself and others helped me to be more nurturing towards myself. I didn’t even know that I COULD be more nurturing, or HOW I would be more nurturing towards myself. Brielle is a beautiful soul! This experience has impacted me deeply, and in ways I never expected. I personally benefited A LOT just from the practice with empathy and reflective listening. That in itself has changed my life. Lastly, I greatly benefited from feeling safe to be so open with a group of other beautiful souls. So amazing.

Corie R.
Enterprise Fulfillment Associate, JC Penney, Gainesville, FL

There are so many gifts I received from working with Brielle through the Rewild Your Soul seminar. The most significant gift I received was experiencing increased confidence to be myself and show up more fully in my life, which has already transformed my life in many ways. Prior to working with Brielle, I felt like I was in a good place plus I had a loving relationship with myself so I was skeptical that Brielle would be able to offer me much. Yet I had a sense that Brielle had come into my life for a reason and my intuition was telling me to sign up for the seminar. I’m so glad I listened to my intuition because the transformation that took place within me throughout the seminar was truly incredible. I have so much respect for Brielle and the experience, tools and wisdom she brings to her work. Brielle is a tender, fierce, loving soul who ignites change in others. What I appreciate most about Brielle is the courageous space she holds for others to allow transformation to take place. I would recommend Brielle to anyone who has a desire to step more fully into themselves and live unapologetically in the world. The tools and techniques Brielle offers along with the courageous and loving space she holds will ignite transformation in anyone who is open to receive.

Katharine Lavenhagen
Personal Success Coach, Coaching with Katharine, Gainesville, FL

When I first considered participating in Brielle’s Rewild Your Soul Seminar, I initially hesitated because we knew each other and shared mutual friends. I was surprised at how easy it was to not let our previous relationship hinder my experience in this seminar. I think knowing her may have actually made it easier to see her as a peer, which allowed me to connect with her deeper and empathize more. Since participating in the seminar and doing personal coaching with Brielle, I created a deep experience of lightness in my life - my relationships are much easier to navigate and feel way more full and authentic. I also made 6 best friends! I now feel way more confident, plus my awareness of myself and others improved 10 fold. I love myself now more than I ever have. I loved Brielle’s consistency with everything, but especially with empathic communication and active listening. I felt really supported by her availability. The most important thing for anyone to know when considering this seminar is that you will be deeply heard and understood by Brielle. Also, Brielle isn’t here to fix your problems, but she helps to facilitate your journey of diving deep within so you can solve your own challenges. Brielle rocks! I would recommend this seminar to everyone.

Gainesville, FL

Brielle started coaching me in October 2015, and she has patiently held a mirror to my strengths and weaknesses during our sessions. She had held space for me during some of my most painful realizations, and has rejoiced with me in my victories. She has allowed me presence and has showed compassion and acceptance of my human experience.

Stevie U.
Registered Nurse, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO

Since working with Brielle, I have created a greater sense of well being, and my relationship with my emotions has become so healing. I now have tools to check in with myself to create a nurturing nest to grow in, fertile soil to root more deeply into my being.

What I like best about working with Brielle is her deep, accepting presence as a coach which supports me to feel safe to connect to my Self wherever I am at. She is a profoundly beautiful mirror! She listens in a way where I feel encouraged to simply be where I am at, and accept and embrace myself from moment to moment both in and outside of our sessions. This is helping me to experience a greater harmony and peace in my life, and my trust in myself has deepened, as well. From this spirit of trust and acceptance, she supports me to create a clear plan for myself outside of our sessions which helps me to align deeper in my integrity. This process feels deeply fulfilling for my whole being!

Sarah L.
Gainesville, FL