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Brielle Elise
Women's Leadership Mentor

The Satvatove Institute

Empowered Communication · Courageous Introspection · Purposeful Action


Of all the places in the world, in Gainesville, FL there exists a life-changing personal growth seminar that for 15+ years has been transforming the lives of thousands of people - people who have cared about themselves enough to courageously explore their inner landscapes so that they can free the liberating truth of who they truly are underneath the doubts, fears, and insecurities.

The Satvatove Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate spiritually-based personal and group transformation through empowered communication, courageous introspection and purposeful action.

Really, Satvatove is two people, my mentors Dr. David B. Wolf, Ph.D., LCSW, and Marie Glasheen, two masterful coaches devoted to your true-self-awareness. Through their expert coaching skills, seminar processes, and rare grounded ways of being, they hold the container through which life-changing transformation happens in the hearts of sincere people year after year. Their workshops and seminars are for anyone who sincerely desires to grow.

Their 3-day “Foundational Course” is for anyone who desires to learn life-long, relationship-building communication skills and who wishes to learn how to use communication as a vehicle for self-empowerment, deep closeness, mutual respect, inner freedom, and self-realization.

Their 7-day “Advanced Seminar” is for anyone who desires to feel valuable and lovable in your own skin; who seeks to embrace and own your unique nature and distinct contribution to the world; who is activated by a healthy urgency to to truly live your life - to thrive instead of survive; and who is willing to vulnerably excavate the fears that have been holding you back from truly living so you can uncover the door of your inner freedom. Within a safe, accepting, and accelerated growth environment of fellow sincere-hearted individuals, together get really honest in a beautiful way, and begin the journey of stepping out of the emotional patterns that have been pushing away the love, integrity, and purpose we desire.

Their transformational coach training program empowers current and emerging coaches to be truly transformational - in the sense that we learn how to empower our clients to use all the situations of their lives - from their suffering, to their joy, to their intimidating life goals - to get closer to the truth of who they truly are as valuable, whole, and complete beings.

With all Satvatove’s programs, the result is returning to our lives and relationships with transformational communication skills, a cleaned heart, a tremendous level of empowered self-awareness, and assured faith in our intrinsic worth and value in the world.

My Transformation Story with Satvatove


Hi, my name is Brielle. Throughout my life I have been haunted by the belief that there was something defective about me and that I wasn’t worthy of love. As a child I suffered emotional neglect from an alcoholic father who did the best he could, but I unknowingly grew up with a hole in my heart that made itself known in my adulthood: co-dependent relationships, flighty insecurity, painful over-endeavoring for love, a harsh inner critic, and not believing in or trusting myself. These autopilot self-defeating behaviors held me back from the woman I wanted to be.

On a quest for inner freedom, in 2013 I graduated college and embarked on an attempted thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. While breathtaking views filled my soul with wonder and possibility, I was disappointed to realize that freedom was not a destination that could be chased. The hole in my heart came with me, and after 550 miles, I abandoned my hike for a relationship where I once again fell into the familiar trap of trying to fill the void with someone else’s love. The relationship soon fell apart, and I returned back home with an unfinished goal and a confused heart, still not knowing what inner freedom really meant.

Alive in that yearning, hope came my way in the form of a friend who I coincidentally ran into some weeks later. He had a special magnetic quality about him and after some conversation I learned that he had just graduated from the Satvatove personal transformation seminars which he advocated that I participate in, too. Immediately I felt a "yes" inside that this was something my heart was longing for. I also felt hesitant. I could sense these seminars were the real deal and I was scared of being vulnerable. I was also nervous to make the financial investment. I had never put that much money into my personal growth before. Sincere to follow the breadcrumbs of my freedom, I did some deep listening to myself and took the opportunity to speak with some graduates, and I found that I kept arriving at the same conclusion: “What I have been trying (running away from my vulnerabilities & fears) for the past 1000 times hasn’t worked. This feels right. Let’s try something different.” Trusting my intuition and the urgency I felt to truly live my life, I took a trustful risk. I participated in Satvatove's seminars for the first time in 2014.

It is hard to find words to describe the lasting transformation I created in just those 10 days of the seminars. In the 3-day transformative communication and self-empowerment “Foundational” course, I began to open the lid to understand the self-limiting thoughts and patterns that were crippling my potential. The awareness alone gave me the power to begin choosing more empowering thought patterns in my life. I also learned how to listen in a way that has radically transformed my relationships. Today it is the rule and not the exception that my friends, family, and I share authentically and feel received as we share. The result has been a pervasive feeling of deep aliveness that comes from authentic closeness and mutual understanding and respect. In addition, I realized what clean, assertive communication really looks like in relationships and this has changed everything - relationships are significantly easier to navigate because I am depending on me and not on others for my needs to be met. Today I almost take it for granted that 5 years ago I had no clue about transformative communication and the empowering freedom it brings. Through this welcomed revolution in my life, I discovered that the saying was true: the quality of our communication determines the quality of our lives.

In the 7-day personal transformation “ Advanced” seminar, with the facilitators' expert processes and compassionate support, I navigated the emotional territory within me that I had unknowingly suppressed into my shadow most of my life, allowing both my fears and my light to come to the surface. Rather than push away the uncomfortable emotions, with the facilitator’s support I brought them in closer and courageously experienced them amidst a group of people who were being vulnerable, too. I learned that shame derives its power by being unspeakable, —>

so by sharing my humanity vulnerably in a group, the shame immediately diffused. I realized I wasn’t defective and I quickly gained my power back from these insecurities that were controlling me for so long. In those 7 days I felt more seen, honored, accepted, and socially safe than I ever felt in my life. Through this level of unconditional acceptance with strangers, I largely healed the hole in my heart. I realized for the first time in my life that I was worthy of the love I so deeply craved, and that I didn’t need to try so hard anymore to receive it.

Since then I have taken the Advanced seminar two more times, as well as participated in Satvatove’s other programs (Life Master Program, Coach Training, and personal coaching) and the result has been deepening into the knowing (and not the suspicion) that I’m lovable just the way I am and that I have valuable gifts to offer the world. Living from this new embodied wholeness, my entire life has changed. Five years later, I have finally peeled away and transformed the toxic relationships that were draining my life energy; my friendships are now flourishing with creative love and spiritual inspiration; my family and I are bonding with increasing closeness; my inner talk is empathic and nurturing; I’m learning to love and long for my body the way that it is; and I’m increasingly holding myself with a deep self-reverence that makes me feel alive and inspired to serve.

The built-up unacknowledged childhood pain and emotion that I largely released in the 7 days of the Advanced seminar also gave me the emotional freedom I needed to heal my broken relationship with my father. Shortly after I graduated from the seminars, my father stayed sober for the longest period of his life - 2 years. I was able to get to know who he really was and we actually lived together and had a thriving loving relationship for the last four months of his life. He died in March of 2018. Through the deep healing I experienced from Satvatove’s programs, I was able to open my eyes and see the truth: that my dad’s tendency to run away from himself didn’t mean anything about me, and that actually, despite his imperfections, he loved me so unbelievably much. Finally after 25 years I was able to receive the heartbreaking love that he always had for me but I was too blind to see. It still makes me cry with healing love when I think about it.

My overall transformation helped me to get really clear about my purpose in life. I have now been successfully self-employed as a transformative coach, trained by Satvatove, for 3 years. Almost every day I support sincere-hearted clients to heal the holes in their hearts and manifest their life purposes, too. I realized that the key to living a life of my dreams was believing that I was worthy of living it.

IMG_8562 (1).JPG

In a sense I still struggle with similar issues today - insecurity, high expectations of myself and others, feeling not good enough - though these cycles that used to keep me down for weeks or months I now manage with more grace in a matter of days, hours, or minutes.

Today many people see me with deep appreciation for the light I helped bring to their lives through my loving and supportive presence, which I know was only made possible because I decided one day that I was worth investing in my own healing. We can only help others as much as we’ve helped ourselves. The best training as a healer, a parent, a lover, or a friend is healing our own hearts.

You have so much medicine to give to the world. If you’re still here reading this, I imagine you know (and feel eager to) release that medicine from the fears you feel limited by. If you feel the call, I invite you to send yourself the clear and loving message that you are worth investing in your healing, too, by experiencing Satvatove’s programs. Like me, it could be the key you’ve been looking for. Thank you for reading my story. Sincerely, Brielle.

The Satvatove Institute: Upcoming Seminars & Courses


Upcoming Satvatove Programs

The 3-Day Foundational Course

Transformative Communication & Self-Empowerment

Next Course: June 7-9, 2019
Gainesville, FL

Satvatove 3

The 4-Day “Adventure in Conscious Living”

Next Seminar: May 14-17, 2020
Gainesville, FL

The 7-Day Advanced Seminar

Personal Transformation

Next Seminar: July 20-26, 2019
Gainesville, FL

Principles & Practices of Transformative Coaching

Next Course begins October 10, 2019
Weekly Online (not in person)

“This Satvatove seminar in Gainesville, Florida, just in my back yard, was better than any seminars I have taken in New York or LA. After taking it, I felt empowered, and did transform my relationships with my parents, my partner, and my colleagues at work. I am now able to create trust. I am finally moving on with my life and I do not get caught up in the drama.” 
– Helen Robert, Teacher


My graduating class from my first Advanced Seminar, April 2014.


Meet your Facilitators


Dr. David B. Wolf, PhD.,  L.C.S.W., Personal Transformation Facilitator, Master Certified Coach, Author

Dr. David Wolf has been teaching transformative communication for more than thirty years. He has been featured as a communication expert on numerous media sources, including Fox News and CNN News. David developed the spiritually-based transformational programs of Satvatove Institute, which have become an emerging presence in the world of personal development. He has decades of experience in social and mental health services, including counselor training, children and family counseling, and medical social work. In 1998 he established the international child protection organization, The Association for the Protection of Children, and served as its Director for more than six years. David created the Vedic Personality Inventory, a personality assessment tool based on guna psychology, and has been widely published in top social science journals in fields such as child protection, speciesism, and the effects of meditation on mental health and life satisfaction. His doctoral dissertation included research on the effects of chanting ancient mantras on alleviating stress and depression, and increasing life satisfaction. Also, David is the founder of the Satvatove Institute School of Transformative Coaching, and is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Dr. Wolf has practiced bhakti-yoga since the early 1980s. He is the author of Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living, How Transformative Communication Can Change Your Life.


Marie-Helene Glasheen, Personal Transformation Facilitator + Life Skills Coach

Marie-Hélène worked with David in developing the seminars. Her special contribution is based on her 25 years of studying human nature and psychology. Marie-Hélène also brings her qualities of warmth, understanding, and non-judgmentalism. She is an intuitive healer and assists people in realizing the emotional, psychological, and physical reason for their lack of vitality and enthusiasm.

Years of counseling and life experiences blended with her intuitive nature guide clients to the heart of the matter. This enables them to come from a point of clarity about real issues and to be motivated to make needed changes for the life they desire. Marie-Hélène specializes in the mastery of awareness of limiting belief systems, which also encompasses the subconscious beliefs that sabotage you. The programs she works with have created positive, profound and permanent life changes for the participants.

"I believe that Marie is one of the best coaches for deep healing, profound self-understanding, and radical personal transformation in the world. I trust her more than anyone else I know, and her level of mastery can be palpably felt in the seminar room." - Brielle Elise

"The Satvatove Experience is the highest level of authenticity, connection, self-fulfillment, and loving acceptance that I've ever experienced... This is what being a human being is really about."
- Brielle Elise


Investment in You:

The Satvatove Personal Transformation Experience is an opportunity for you to invest in yourself in one of the most profound ways. Many claim this seminar to be the best investments and experiences of their lives, with an ever-increasing return.

Foundational Course

Advanced Seminar

Foundational + Advanced Combined Discounted Rate
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3-month and 6-month payment plans available.

Satvatove is so confident in the value of this course that they offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. 

If you are at this point on this webpage, I invite you to…

We’ll set up a time where you can ask your questions without any expectations to sign up, and learn more about the course from someone who has re-taken it many times. If you like we can even do a free mini-coaching session so you can see what it feels like to be supported by someone who uses these communication skills.