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The Satvatove Seminar


Of all the places in the world, in Gainesville, FL there exists a life-changing personal growth seminar that for 15+ years has been transforming the lives of thousands of people - people who have cared about themselves enough to courageously explore what's been blocking them so they can get to the liberating truth of who they truly are.

Satvatove is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate personal and group transformation through empowered communication, courageous introspection and purposeful action.

Really, Satvatove is two people - Dr. David B. Wolf, Ph.D. and Marie Glasheen - two masterful coaches who are totally devoted to your true self-awareness. Their expert coaching skills and seminar processes, combined with their rare grounded ways of being hold the container through which life-changing transformation happens in the hearts of courageous people year after year.

Their seminar is for anyone who knows that you are being somehow held back by your fears, and you are finally willing to step out of the vicious cycles of self-sabotage that have been inhibiting you so you can experience the fulfillment of your true self living in your true potential.

My Story with Satvatove

to offer the world. Living from this new lens, my whole life changed. My relationships got healthier, my inner talk grew more loving, my self-image got stronger.

Over the next few years I healed my relationship with my father, which supported him to stay sober for 2 years, the longest period of his life, before he died in March 2018. I am so grateful to myself that I made the decision that day invest in my healing because it allowed me to be emotionally available to my father in his last months, and receive the love he always had for me even though it didn't always look the way I wanted it to.

Through the work that I did in the seminars, I also discovered my life purpose. I have now been successfully self-employed as a transformative coach for 2 years. I discovered that my dreams were only possible if I believed I was worth living them.

I still struggle with similar issues at times - insecurity, expectations of myself and others, feeling not good enough - though these cycles that used to keep me down for weeks or months I now manage with more grace and trust in a matter of hours or days.

Today many people see me with deep appreciation for the light I helped bring to their lives through my loving and supportive presence, which only was made possible because I decided one day that I was worth investing in my own healing.

I invite you to begin sending yourself the message that you are worth investing in your own healing, too.

Throughout my life I have carried the deep belief that if people would really see me, they wouldn't love me. My father was an alcoholic, and his emotional neglect left a deep wound. As many hurtful childhood experiences do, this unresolved pain manifested in adulthood as self-defeating behaviors that were holding me back from the woman I wanted to be: co-dependent relationships, deep insecurity, a harsh inner critic, and not believing in myself.

On a search for freedom, in 2013 I left to hike the Appalachian Trail. I was disappointed to discover that freedom could not be chased as all of my issues followed me. I returned back home still wondering what freedom meant.

Alive in that yearning, one night soon after I coincidentally ran into a friend who had a rare magnetic quality. After some conversation I discovered that he had just graduated from the Satvatove personal transformation seminars. Intuitively I felt a strong "yes" inside that this was for me. Hesitant to sign up because of the financial investment, but knowing nothing else besides my strong intuition and an urgency to feel free, I took a trustful risk and participated in Satvatove's seminars in 2014.

In 10 days, through the facilitators' expert processes and support, I moved through my fears, gained my power back from self-limiting thoughts and patterns that we're crippling my potential, and felt incredibly loved and held by my fellow participants who knew me better than some of my best friends. I realized that I was, in fact, a deeply valuable woman who was worthy of love with something

The Satvatove Experience


What Graduates Have to Say

Advanced Course:

"I was the kind of person who ran all day long, working around the clock seven days a week, and never felt like I got enough done. In the Satvatove Advanced Seminar, I purified the anxiety that was the driving force of my life, and connected with a peace that I never knew was inside of me. My life today is ten times more productive using a tenth of the effort I did before...go figure. I have maintained that peace and am traveling the world, living my purpose, experiencing more prosperity than ever before, and spend most of my time relaxing and enjoying my life! The Satvatove Advanced Seminar was the most intense self-realization work I have ever done, and worth the continuous power and bliss I experience today." - Jai Maa

My experience of the Advanced Seminar was, to say the least, life changing. I am extremely grateful to David for putting the seminar experience together, because it impacted my life in such a remarkable way… I feel much more in integrity with myself, and everyone around me, and it’s a great feeling.” - Devan Borsboom

“I learned so much about myself through my experiences in the Satvatove Advanced course. I was able to look deeply and honestly at the deep, dark places that have been causing me to live my life in fear. I connected with sadness, trauma and anger. I had insights about my feelings and actions that I hadn’t been aware of before. I was able to accept who I am and what I feel – to accept and forgive myself. I am incredibly grateful for Satvatove for essentially helping me to find a new invigoration for life.” - Lisa Remy

Foundational Course:

"Before I experienced the Satvatove Foundational Course, I had no idea how to listen. When another was speaking, my mind would fill with my own stories and perceptions, and I would offer advice and problem solving suggestions I believed would be helpful. I was humbled by the realization that I didn't know how to truly listen, so I made a commitment to learn empathy. It took months of practice, and I will never forget the day my mind fell completely silent while I was listening to another. I felt as though I was standing in their shoes, feeling from their heart, witnessing their life through their heart blew open with compassion and there was nothing for me to do but simply listen. Empathy is only one of the many skills I learned from Satvatove, and my connections with others are deeply enriched as a result. " - Jai Maa

"Although I never shared with the entire group, I have been so touched by this experience. The energy was different than anything I have ever taken part in before. The feelings of love and acceptance and support were palpable. I will be continuing to shine my diamond, and I look forward to attending the advanced course- hopefully next summer if it is offered here in North Florida. Thank you." - Wanda Hagen (Teacher)

"Thank you for this course.  I experienced so much growth and connected with others on such a deep level. It is truly a spiritual experience deeper than all I’ve had before.   I realized how many negative habits I’ve taken on, and I developed the inner tools, confidence, self-acceptance and brave willingness to continue to go deeper.     The safe, loving, transformative space held by both David and Marie made me able to experience leaps I haven’t had success with before.      He courageous authenticity of the 21 other individuals who also participated blew me away. I feel so connected, loved and powerful.   I won’t hide and make excuses anymore I am ready to be honorable and confident, and willing to continue on my spiritual path with more effort, clarity and curiosity.  Thank you for your work and love." - Stephanie Voight (Student)

This course has expanded my ability to express myself and truly helped me uncover why I am so valuable. I can listen with full intention of hearing in a place that suspends judgements and allows people to be comfortable … I have and continue to make many realizations in my life that are continually helping me connect with who I truly am.” - Jessica T.


The Foundational Course

February 15-17, 2019
Gainesville, FL

Transformative Communication + Self-Empowerment Seminar

The focus of the Foundational Course is skill development - relationship skills with yourself and with others that can radically transform your experience of your life. This course is about 20% didactic style education, with about 80% experiential style learning. The goal of the facilitators is that you connect with your highest guidance within you, based on the philosophy that you are the expert in your life and not them. From that philosophy you will participate in many experiential-learning-based hands-on processes in groups of 2, 3 or more, to help you connect with your own personal realizations and wisdom.

  • Learn a form of transformative communication that helps you transform your relationships into powerful vehicles of connection, nourishment, and deep understanding so that you can experience true intimacy in your relationships with friends, partners, and family
  • Learn how to communicate in a way that maximizes the chance that others care about what you have to say, so that you can feel deeply understood in your life
  • Learn how to transform conflict into deep closeness so that you can move beyond fear of conflict and experience deep emotional intimacy and freedom in your relationships
  • Learn how to communicate in true, loving assertiveness so that you can feel heard and meet your needs in relationships
  • Understand how your unconscious thinking is affecting your experience of your entire life so that you can consciously choose ways of thinking that ensure that you feel empowered in your life experience every day
  • Discover what within you has been holding you back from your potential so that you can move the block out of the way and move forward with clarity
  • Learn how to accomplish goals in a way that maximizes your success and helps you apply what you gained from the seminar into your life so that you can feel empowered and trusting to design your reality

The Advanced Course

March 3-9, 2019

Advanced 7-Day Personal Transformation Seminar

Unlike the Foundational Course, the Advanced Course is not about skill development, though you will use all the skills that you developed in the Foundational Course to help you create life-changing transformation in the seminar room. Through a very safe space that the facilitators create along with expertly designed transformative processes, you will have the opportunity to move beyond fears that have been holding you back for your entire life, release and heal deep wounds, access the truth about who you are and what your value is in the world, and step into the highest level of personal freedom and self-love that you likely have ever experienced till now. 100% of this course is experiential-learning based processes that will help you:

  • Gain your power back from crippling self-limiting thoughts that have been holding you back your entire life so that you can actually receive the love that is around you and feel empowered to create the life, work, and relationships you desire

  • Release years of old pain, wounds, and childhood conditioning that have been sabotaging your life experience so that you can feel free to move forward in your life and relationships

  • Remove the masks and blind spots from your self-view so that you can expand in ways that were unavailable to you before and feel free being who you know you are meant to be

  • Pull the weeds from your heart that are covering your experience of your true self, and clouding others' experience of who you are, so that you can be in your integrity in your work and relationships and feel the self-confidence and deep inner security that comes with that.

  • Get incredibly clear on your deepest, deepest desires so that you can understand your purpose and direction, and feel clear and empowered to create a life that reflects those desire and move forward

  • Get to the root of who you truly are and cultivate an anchor of your being that can last your entire life guiding you to be true to yourself in any life situation

  • Feel truly cradled by a new family of people who truly see you. Experience some of the deepest levels of love and belonging that you may have ever experienced, so that you can live from the liberating remembrance that you are in fact worthy of love.

  • Free yourself by expanding beyond your threshold with levels of courage that you likely haven't accessed before, so that you can re-define what's been possible for you till now and open yourself up to life-affirming opportunities.


Satvatove 3

Satvatove 3: An Adventure in Conscious Living

Satvatove 3 encompasses the spiritual roots of Satvatove, and is often referred to as the "cherry on top" of all the programs. While the Advanced Course is mostly about pulling the weeds, Sat 3 is more about watering the garden, and the experience, in general,  is more light. Satvatove 3 is about mastering being a spiritual being having a human experience, so we take the communication and personal growth skills and principles we learned in the Foundational and Advanced, and we apply them experientially in more depth in Satvatove 3 in a way that increases our experiencing ourselves as a distinct spirit soul having the variety of human experiences. One element of that is learning how to be the experiencer of our experience, rather than losing ourselves in our experience (ie. experiencing our fear rather than misidentifying with the fear). Another is learning how to communicate our experience in a way so that others really get us. 

For me a lot of the course was about acceptance - learning how to stop resisting the reality of where I'm at within myself, where others are at, and where the world is at, and practicing moving towards deeper acceptance of my human context, dropping the attachments to expectations I've had of myself and others that have been limiting my potential, which makes me more free and available to make healthy progress in life and relationships, and to give fully to my purpose in my life.

And life purpose is really the essence of Satvatove 3. Moving towards a deeper level of personal and spiritual responsibility in my life, so that I can give fully to my purpose, and be a source of spiritual sanctuary for myself and for others in my life and in my service.

“This Satvatove seminar in Gainesville, Florida, just in my back yard, was better than any seminars I have taken in New York or LA. After taking it, I felt empowered, and did transform my relationships with my parents, my partner, and my colleagues at work. I am now able to create trust. I am finally moving on with my life and I do not get caught up in the drama.” 
– Helen Robert, Teacher

Meet your Facilitators


Dr. David B. Wolf, PhD.,  L.C.S.W., Personal Transformation Facilitator, Master Certified Coach, Author

Dr. David Wolf has been teaching transformative communication for more than thirty years. He has been featured as a communication expert on numerous media sources, including Fox News and CNN News. David developed the spiritually-based transformational programs of Satvatove Institute, which have become an emerging presence in the world of personal development. He has decades of experience in social and mental health services, including counselor training, children and family counseling, and medical social work. In 1998 he established the international child protection organization, The Association for the Protection of Children, and served as its Director for more than six years. David created the Vedic Personality Inventory, a personality assessment tool based on guna psychology, and has been widely published in top social science journals in fields such as child protection, speciesism, and the effects of meditation on mental health and life satisfaction. His doctoral dissertation included research on the effects of chanting ancient mantras on alleviating stress and depression, and increasing life satisfaction. Also, David is the founder of the Satvatove Institute School of Transformative Coaching, and is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Dr. Wolf has practiced bhakti-yoga since the early 1980s. He is the author of Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living, How Transformative Communication Can Change Your Life.


Marie-Helene Glasheen, Personal Transformation Facilitator + Life Skills Coach

Marie-Hélène worked with David in developing the seminars. Her special contribution is based on her 25 years of studying human nature and psychology. Marie-Hélène also brings her qualities of warmth, understanding, and non-judgmentalism. She is an intuitive healer and assists people in realizing the emotional, psychological, and physical reason for their lack of vitality and enthusiasm.

Years of counseling and life experiences blended with her intuitive nature guide clients to the heart of the matter. This enables them to come from a point of clarity about real issues and to be motivated to make needed changes for the life they desire. Marie-Hélène specializes in the mastery of awareness of limiting belief systems, which also encompasses the subconscious beliefs that sabotage you. The programs she works with have created positive, profound and permanent life changes for the participants.

"I believe that Marie is one of the best coaches for deep healing, profound self-understanding, and radical personal transformation in the world. I trust her more than anyone else I know, and her level of mastery can be palpably felt in the seminar room." - Brielle Elise



"The Satvatove Experience is the highest level of authenticity, connection, self-fulfillment, and loving acceptance that I've ever experienced... This is what being a human being is really about."
- Brielle Elise


Details + Accommodations

Satvatove 3

Date: Satvatove 3 happens once every two years. The next one will likely be sometime in 2020.

Venue: Gainesville Retreat Center, 1551 SE 51st Street
Gainesville, Florida 32641 Gainesville, FL

Course hours: Begins at 11:30am on the first day. Ends the evening of the fourth day.

Food: 3 vegetarian meals provided each day

Accommodation: Full accommodation provided

Includes course materials.

3-day Foundational Course

Date: February 15-17, 2019

Venue: Drury Inn& Suites
4000 Southwest 40 Boulevard, Gainesville, FL 32608

Course hours: Friday: 8:30am - 9:30pm. Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am -  9:30pm (ending times approximate)

Food: Not provided. Bring your own snacks and lunch, or go out and purchase lunch during lunchtime. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the day including one large meal break.

Accommodation: Not provided.

Includes a free copy of the new edition of Relationships That Work by David Wolf and a 1-hour personal coaching interview.

7-day Advanced Course

Date: March 3-9, 2019

Venue: Gainesville Retreat Center, 1551 SE 51st Street
Gainesville, Florida 32641

Course hours: Begins at 9AM on the first day. Ending/starting times vary by day.

Food: 3 vegetarian meals provided each day

Accommodation: Full accommodation provided

Includes course material and a  1-hour post-seminar personal coaching interview.


Investment in You:

The Satvatove Personal Transformation Experience is an opportunity for you to send yourself the message that you are worth your own time, love and energy. Participating in the seminar is an opportunity for you to make your freedom, your healing, and your ideal life and relationship experience a priority.  Many claim this seminar to be the best investment of their lives.

Foundational Course

Advanced Course

Foundational + Advanced Combined Course Discounted Rate
(save $365)

3-month and 6-month payment plans available.

Satvatove is so confident in the value of this course that they offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. 

If you are at this point on this webpage, you might be interested or at least curious in this experience. I invite you to trust whatever calling you feel.

If you are interested, schedule a chat with me on the phone. You can ask your questions without any expectations from me to sign up, and learn more about the course from someone who has re-taken it many times.