Brielle Elise
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Experience the Effortless Magnetism of Devotion

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I’m here to help you bring your vision to life in the effortless magnetism of devotion. When we believe our success depends all on us, we suffer a path of anxious over-doing, ineffectiveness, isolation, and little results to show for it. But when we give 100% with a sincere and trusting heart, magic seems to happen. What’s usually in between us and allowing this Universal support is healing unhealed wounds that somehow led us to believe that we are not worthy of that support. Through a strong foundation of transformational healing and spiritual guidance, we work together to help you heal that bridge of Divine support, and co-create action that is aligned and inspired for you.

Working with me is about re-aligning your consciousness…

  • from being the master, or the miserable do-er, to being a fulfilled surrendered servant

  • from the fear of thinking you’re doing this all alone to the peace of inviting generous Universal support

  • from inefficient, anxious over-compensating to peaceful aligned action rooted in trust and integrity

  • from building a business for your material gratifications to living your calling for Divine connection 

My greatest inspiration is to support you to be consistently fueled by your devotion, remembering yourself as servant of the servant, and protecting yourself from getting caught in the slippery slope of suffering from trying to be the do-er, the perceived controller and enjoyer of results.

 “Your first priority is to give your gifts, to play, to love and be loved, to learn, and to explore. You feel good in your skin—your practice lights you up and you become radiant and magnetic. You can be yourself and create for creation’s sake, love yourself and others without abandon, and enjoy the precious life you have. You undo the habits of self-hatred, competition and scarcity-thinking and let your compass instead be… worship, generosity, peace and compassion.” - Guru Jagat 


What’s available through this path is living an empowered, fulfilling life of service, aligned with your true essence eternally and in this lifetime, while anchoring yourself into the unforgettable security of having a devotional relationship to Universal support.

With this, life becomes easy. You fall more in love with yourself, not out of self-absorption, but from seeing yourself as part of the Complete Whole, and from consistently experiencing your unique value through the impact you get to witness unfolding in your clients’ lives.

With this you feel more free and playful in your own skin, liking yourself more each day, while simultaneously feeling more quiet in your soul, needing less and less to feel special in others’ eyes. Your imperfections remain, but you care less. Fame, wealth, power, and beauty come organically without force, but devotion keeps you grounded through the humble remembrance of yourself as servant of the servant. With this devotional focus, you learn how to use your powers not for your material gratification, but for the greater good of the Complete Whole.

This is true perfection in the human form of life.