Brielle Elise
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Surrender to your calling and the Universe will catch you.


When we get out of the way and surrender to who we uniquely are and the distinct way we are meant to serve the world, we step out of doubtful anxiety and enter the effortless magnetism of radiant devotional service.

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Hi, my name is Brielle. I’m a Transformational Coach, wilderness guide, healer of healers, and aspiring servant. I’m here to help you remember your true nature and embody a spirit of devotion as you surrender to your responsibility to serve in the ways that you know you are meant to.

Through a fusion of transformational healing, aligned strategy, and non-sectarian spiritual guidance, I support you through the vulnerable and empowering journey of embracing your calling with trust, confidence, grace, and the effortless magnetism of devotion.

Let’s go on a journey….


"The more you become in the lower position—servant, servant, servant, servant, servant, hundreds times servant, servant—then more you are advanced. Here in this material world everyone is trying to be master of the master. Just opposite. And the spiritual world, the endeavor is to become servant's servant. This is the secret."
- A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


Like me, you are a spiritual spark having a human experience.


You came into this particular life with a distinct nature and unique service to offer.


As a spiritual being, it’s your sanatana dharma (eternal nature) to serve, meaning you cannot extinguish the desire to serve from your heart.


We also came into this life with a sva-dharma, or temporary purpose, uniquely designed for us, that we get to embrace (or not) in this lifetime.


Surrendering to this distinct calling in loving devotion is our gateway to profound, perfectly-designed self-realizations for us in this lifetime.


It’s also the only way I see to functioning securely as a spiritual being in a painful and chaotic material mind and world. We’re most at peace and empowered in our selves and in the world when we’re serving aligned with our unique nature.

 “Devotional service is so pure and perfect that once having begun, one is forcibly dragged to ultimate success.”
- The Nectar of Instruction



In life we are always serving - we serve our family, our jobs, our pets, our senses, etc. We cannot stop serving, but we do get to choose what or Who we spend our life energy serving. Ultimately, we can choose to serve illusion - our fears, our doubts, our false identity as this character I call “Brielle,” - or we can choose to serve truth - trust, sincerity, and our eternal role as servant of Source, God, the Universe, whoever that is for you. 

“The completeness of human life can be realized only when one engages in the service of the Complete Whole. All services in this world—whether social, political, communal, international or even interplanetary—will remain incomplete until they are dovetailed with the Complete Whole. When everything is dovetailed with the Complete Whole, the attached parts and parcels also become complete in themselves.” - Sri Isopanisad


If you are like me, then you will never be truly satisfied until you have fully surrendered to who you are and what you are here to do.

At the same time, the thought of living your calling likely feels terrifying, or at best scary. If you feel this way then I see this as a sign that you do have an important purpose to fulfill. Why? Because you wouldn’t feel so scared if you didn’t have big shoes to fill.


“It is better to engage in one's own occupation, even though one may perform it imperfectly, than to accept another's occupation and perform it perfectly….. Every endeavor is covered by some sort of fault, just as fire is covered by smoke. Therefore one should not give up the work which is born of his nature… even if such work is full of fault.”
- Bhagavad-Gita As It Is 18.47-48


If you feel daunted by how far away your vision feels, this likely means that you are forgetting this incredibly important piece of knowledge:

That you are not alone, and that your success doesn’t actually depend on you. True success is an effortless bi-product of sincere devotion.

Your success is about controlling what is yours control: your sincerity, your love, your 100%; and then surrendering what’s not yours to control (the results) with trust and detachment.

It’s not about you, looking good, gaining fame, or avoiding looking bad. When you allow your attachment to these things to drive you beneath the conscious surface, you get in the Universe’s way and block the flow of Divine support.

It’s about showing up and giving 100% in a detached spirit of love with all of your gifts and imperfections because of the simple reason that it’s why you’re here. There is a generous energy that wants to support you if you allow It to. Knowing this is true confidence.