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there’s only one you in the world…

one person with your story,
your essence,
your medicine,
your destiny.


 Coming Home:
the Mythopoetic School of Transformative Marketing

 Co-Create the Healing Practice You Desire through the Psycho-spiritual Journey of Coming Home to Yourself

For Emerging Healers, Coaches, and other Sincere Practitioners
ready to surrender to your calling.


A marriage of soul and ego, ancient and modern, yin and yang, the mystical and practical, the creative and disciplined, the seen and unseen.

Because you know it in your bones that you are meant to serve with your gifts

Because you know that you have medicine to share in a unique flavor that’s never been shared before.

Because there’s a distinct group of people in the world who resonate with your transmission unlike any other.

Because you truly want to serve.

Because you’re ready for this expression of your wholeness, freedom and potency.

Because some part of you knows that this is your path to coming home.

Surrendering to your calling is about embracing your “dharma” (who you uniquely are and the distinct ways you are built to serve) simply because it’s what you’re here to do. The bi-product is the sweet freedom that comes from living in harmony with your unique destiny, along with the quiet confidence of knowing your value in the world.

I believe that developing your healing practice is more about honoring your calling and serving with your gifts than it’s about building a business (though we’re doing that, too).

I believe that this endeavor does not depend entirely on you; that there is a Higher Power that generously wants to support you, and that it’s about stepping out of the way to allow this Force to intervene miracles in your life.

I believe that your real power lies not in your action, but in the degree to which you have a deep-knowing faith and confidence that who you are (and what you offer) is truly valuable to others and worth sharing with the world.

I believe that it’s not about using techniques to create clients, but about rooting yourself into a sincere mood of service and being truly useful to others, and that this sincerity magnetizes your people to you.

I believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits all marketing approach, and that each person’s path to building their business is completely unique - their own distinct path to coming home to themselves.

I believe that the best marketing is no marketing, but rather courting your dream clients through the beauty of your distinct essence and sharing yourself authentically in way that stimulates their own soul - so they feel like they are coming home to themselves when they land on your content.

I believe that this not about waiting till your brand or marketing plan is perfect, but about getting out there serving with the gifts you have right now; that this sincere action is the primary instrument for helping you anchor yourself in a deep confidence and faith in the value of what you offer.


The simurgh leading an army of birds. From the “Anvar-i-suhail i” by Husain Va’iz Kashifi. To read more about the Simurgh, keep scrolling..


Hi, my name is Brielle. I’m a transformational coach, conscious marketing teacher, artist, and writer. I midwife emerging coaches, healers, and other sincere practitioners along the journey of complete surrender to your life calling by helping you build a flourishing healing practice from the ground-up that feels like an authentic reflection of who you distinctly are. Birthing my coaching practice into the world was the most nourishing and empowering accomplishment of my life so far. Along the way I navigated in and out of tumultuous cycles of courage and resistance, surrender and fear, serving and hiding, confidence and self-doubt, soul and ego, and balance and over-endeavoring. I learned that creating a business is actually not about marketing techniques. It’s about the quality of your consciousness - your faith that who you are and what you offer is intrinsically valuable and worth sharing with the world. I also learned that the best marketing is not marketing, but rather you being so you - alive in your distinct essence and gifts - that the people who you are meant to serve can find you. Looking back, I now understand that commitment to life calling is a mythopoetic journey, meaning a journey of the embodied soul’s quest towards wholeness. As I’ve studied the Vedas (spiritual literature from ancient India), I’ve learned that the ancient sages call it the path of “dharma”, of honoring your unique intrinsic nature and the distinct ways you are built to serve. In essence, it’s a journey of coming home to yourself. 

Today I weave my Bachelors of Arts in Business Marketing, my creative eye from four years of art & design studies, and 2000+ hours of transformational coaching and staffing personal development seminars to inspire, empower, and employ honest practitioners like you in your destiny and life calling. I’m currently living my lifestyle as a modern monk practicing spiritual vegetarianism, sobriety, daily mantra meditation, study of multi-faith spiritual literature, and sacred celibacy so that I can completely and potently dedicate myself to you and your creative unfoldment.

My father passed away in March of 2018 which sent me on an unexpected sabbatical deeper into myself. After one year of soul-searching, three months of quiet inner listening and study, and three months of research and writing, I’ve come out of my chrysalis and birthed into the world a truer me, and a new offering….

Next Program Fall 2019: “Emergence”

12-Week “Coming Home” Transformative Marketing School + 9-month Coaching Program
for emerging coaches, healers, and other sincere practitioners

September 23, 2019 - June 22, 2020

From the freshness of Fall into the stillness of Winter,
from the generation of Spring to the fire of Summer,
emerges a potent, powerful, and trusting you;
alive in your essence, serving with your gifts
through a practice that feels like you.

Schedule + Program Components:

Sept 23 - Dec 18:

12-Week Online Course
“Coming Home:the Mythopoetic School
of Transformative Marketing”
+ 12 Weekly Community Coaching Calls
on Mondays 6-8pm EST, beginning September 30

Dec 19 - Jan 26:

Yin/Winter Break (Inner Listening)

Jan 27 - June 22:

6 Monthly Community Coaching Calls
on Mondays, 7:30-9:30pm EST (Jan 27, Feb 24,
March 23, April 20, May 25, June 22)

+ 6 months of bi-weekly one-to-one 60 minute transformative coaching sessions with me or the equivalent with a Satvatove Coach
+ 12 one-to-one 60 minute marketing consulting or soundboard sessions
+ Online group forum for ongoing community connection and questions
+ Unlimited review & feedback on your programs, copy, and content
+ Unlimited email support
+ Ongoing access to “Coming Home” Online Transformative Marketing School as it evolves into its future transformations

+ Optional addition if you come to Gainesville, FL:
2-hour photography shoot for your branding
(includes 30 minute consult on your vision, 2-4 outfit changes, and two location changes)

What makes this program distinct is that you will be strongly encouraged to begin regularly facilitating your own in-person or online workshops or programs from the very beginning of this course, with respect to the inner season you are in. This program is not about waiting till you gather enough information or perfect your brand. It’s about getting out there and serving with what you have right now, while simultaneously learning, clarifying, and cultivating yourself and your vision.

I’m capping this program at 6 participants so I can completely dedicate myself to them. There is currently 1 spot left.

 Class Outline of “Coming Home: the Mythopoetic School
of Transformative Marketing”
(classes subject to change)

6 classes on the psychospiritual foundations +1 liminal transition class
+ 6 classes on the practical aspects of transformative marketing + 1 bonus class

Psychospiritual Foundations:

  1. Introduction to Dharma: Understanding Your Psychophysical Nature + Destiny.

  2. Immanence: Establishing a Relationship with the Unseen & The Conscious Science of Manifesting. Establishing a “Sadhana”

  3. “Exposing the Crude Shadow”: Soul-Making, Self-Initiation & Clearing the Pathway to Receiving Universal Support

  4. “Commingling with Soul”: Calling on Essence, Intuition, Cultivating the Soul-Life, Understanding the 3 Gunas & Removing Cages, Traps, and Distractions

  5. Self-Sabotage is your Friend. Resistance as Sacred Initiation. Your Emotions are Your Oracles

  6. The Dao, the Way: Balance-Awareness of Yin/Yang & Seasons. Understanding Ourselves as Part of the Life-Death-Life Cycle.


  7. Liminal Transition: From the Below World to the Above World. Transcending the Fear of Fear by Acting from a Sincere Mood of Service

Transformative Marketing Foundations:

8. Owning Your Niche: Your Story as Your Compass. Turning Trauma into Medicine & Specificity

9. Who Do You Serve? Empathic Understanding of Your Dream Client. Service Begins with Deep Empathy.

10. Your “Big Idea.” Crystalizing What You Believe so you can Communicate Your Essence & Distinguish Yourself

11. Designing Offerings + Creating Content that Add Value to Your Clients’ Lives + Courting Them through the Beauty of your Being: Making Your Channels a Home for your Dream Clients. All about Social Media & Email Lists

12. Creating Your Brand; Branding through the Eye of Archetypes: Archetypal Psychology for Understanding Your Brand & Your Client’s. Understanding Your Ego as the Vehicle of your Service. Clarifying Your Voice & Persona.

13. Stories: The Language of Courting + Marketing Funnels as Creatively Unfolding Art

Bonus Class: Your Relationship with Money, Receiving, and Abundance. How to Price Your Offerings.


This program is for Healers, Coaches, Massage Therapists, Doulas, Yoga Teachers, and other Sincere Practitioners who meet the following criteria:

  • You’re ready to completely devote yourself to your calling by birthing your vision of a thriving practice/business into the world

  • You’re prepared to give a minimum of 10, and ideally 20+ hours per week to this vision. You do not need to leave your day job, but you must be willing to give your time and energy outside of your day job to this vision.

  • You’re at the beginning stage of your practice with a few clients, or you have an an already established practice but want to revitalize your work through the psychospiritual foundations (strengthening your consciousness, clearing your psychic blocks, establishing your connection to your Higher Power, cultivating your soul-essence, rooting yourself into a mood of service, etc.) and the conscious marketing practices (clarifying your dharma, regularly sharing yourself authentically with the world, gathering deep understanding of your dream client, cultivating the skill of storytelling, learning how to court your people through the beauty of your unique essence, etc.).

  • If you have no clients yet, then you must feel capable and be sufficiently trained in your craft to provide value to people, and you must be prepared to regularly facilitate your own programs at least beginning in January. This doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the insecurity that is completely natural at the beginning of any serious journey, but that underneath this surface doubt, you feel an inner-knowing that this is what you are here to do.

  • You are service-oriented. You want to root yourself into a sincere mood of service. Your primary motivation is not arriving at 6 or 7 figures (though you may still want that). Your primary motivation is to align yourself with your dharma and fully show up in the world with your gifts simply because it’s what you are here to do.

  • You want to sustain your service by being paid well for what you offer, and the primary way you want to call in abundance is by being truly useful through your gifts, providing value to the people you serve.

  • You are tired of the fear-based and narcissistic marketing strategies of the personal development industry, and you want to serve and market yourself in your way, in your unique essence, aligned in your personal integrity.

  • You believe in a Higher Power and you want to learn how to step out of the way and align your consciousness in a way that allows this Force to birth your vision into the world.



 What’s Available to You Through Each Core Program Component

Online School - Psychospiritual Foundations classes:

  • experientially understand the spiritual science of manifesting and the context of where your power really lies so that you can access your true power, live in trust, and avoid the common entrepreneurial pitfall of losing yourself in an anxious downward spiral of empty over-endeavoring from an untrusting place inside

  • arrive at a deep understanding of your “dharma” - your intrinsic nature and work; the intrinsic quality of you that cannot be separated from you. Your unique way, essence, medicine, service, and voice. So you can be empowered from understanding who you are and “why” you are here.

  • cultivate your inner potency by rooting yourself into a daily “sadhana” (spiritual practice) that is aligned with you, so you can establish a relationship with the unseen world that animates the material world and uncover your intuitive knowing

  • identify and heal the blockages of self-doubt, fear, and mistrust so you can clear the pathway to receiving guidance and divine interventions in your life

  • cultivate your unique essence while slowly separating yourself from the things that kill your spirit so you can experience the aliveness of feeling like you, and access a potency that naturally attracts the people who you are meant to serve

  • understand how to turn self-sabotage, resistance, fear, and jealousy into medicine for yourself

  • learn about Taoism’s yin/yang and 5-element theory so you can understand your own inner masculine/feminine balances/imbalances and work with and not against your own natural cycles of creation and restoration

  • root into a sincere mood of service so that you can transcend the fear of fear and protect yourself with trust in your own sincerity. Learn how to not just look useful, but to be truly useful so you feel confident in the value you provide

Online School - Transformative Marketing Foundations classes:

  • use the story of your life as a compass to inform you of your experience, qualifications, and specific niche. Clarify your niche so that you are clear about what you offer and why you offer it.

  • come to deep understanding of your dream client and create a clear & thorough dream client profile so that you can easily create content and programs that speak directly to the heart of your people and allow you to serve them best. Learn how to conduct simple and personal “market research” in a way that develops relationships with your dream clients

  • understand the concept of a “big idea” in marketing and begin the journey of understanding what yours might be so that you can communicate your unique essence and distinguish yourself from the thousands in your industry

  • learn the art of courting your clients through the beauty of your being; learn how to design offerings and create content that truly add value to your dream clients lives, so that when they land on your channels they feel like they are coming home to themselves.

  • learn about how to communicate through the content channels that make sense for your dream clients. Understand the proper function of social media and email lists so you can maximize your impact

  • use archetypal psychology to understand, interpret, and brand yourself and understand the unique sets of weaknesses, aspirations, and strengths of your brand and your dream clients

  • develop a brand for your business or practice that is a soulful marriage of your unique essence and harmonized service to your clients

  • learn an effective marketing ratio of giving to selling; learn different strategies for establishing and cultivating a relationship with potential clients

  • understand your ego in its proper function: as the vehicle through which you deliver your service. Clarify your voice and persona for the purpose of service.

  • learn about the language of courting - stories - and how to tell them in a way that engages your people and speaks to their hearts. learn what a marketing funnel is and how to use them in a soulful way.

12 Transformative 1:1 Coaching Sessions

This is the heart and soul of this program: one-on-one time to directly navigate the territory of your fears, insecurities, and doubts - the unexplored or avoided territory with which every healer eventually gets stuck, multiple times. Having a sacred space to explore these fears is incredibly important. An online school may not be sufficient because when a block arises it can be too easy to avoid it and unconsciously shut down. I will help you navigate through your blocks with clarified self-understanding and healing as you learn how to use your fears and insecurities as threads to access a deep sense of your intrinsic value, trust, courage, and confidence. I will also help you to stay connected to the source of your true power - your clear consciousness - so that the action you take is a natural expansion of you being grounded, trusting, and empowered rather than an expression of feeling insecure and anxious. This is perhaps where some of the most directly transformative and life-changing value of this program comes from.

12 Transformative 1:1 Marketing Consulting or “Soundboard” sessions

These are an opportunity to brainstorm and crystalize your brand, copy, content, and programs. First, I will help you to clarify the marketing foundations so that your content creation will be incredibly easy later. These marketing foundations include your dream client profile, clarified coaching niche, big idea, marketing channels and kinds of content, your brand and client archetypes, your voice and persona, your best stories, and your marketing funnels. These calls are also a chance to receive direct feedback on your already created copy, content, and programs so that you can make sure that your content is speaking to and adding value to your dream clients. When designing programs or considering content, you can use me as as a soundboard to get more clear on what will be best. Sometimes we just need another person to talk it over with to help us arrive at our own conclusions. I may also use these calls to help keep you balanced between your psychospiritual foundations and your marketing efforts. It is easy to forget that we are not the “doers” and loose sense of where the source of our real power comes from - our clear consciousness. Transformative marketing is sincere, integrous planning and action on the foundation of clear consciousness. Without the latter, the former is empty.

Community Coaching Calls (Weekly Sept - Dec 2019 / Monthly Jan - June 2020):

These calls are an opportunity to be received as you share your vision, where you are at, what you are struggling with, and your successes along the journey. In every call there will be time for individual sharing as well as asking questions related to that previous week’s class. These calls are also important for honing in on the power of collective consciousness to move everyone’s visions forward. You’ll have the chance to develop relationships with your peers as you walk alongside towards your individual and shared goals.

Become enchanted by a deep sense of your own destiny. 


 This program is not easy.
Here are the baseline requirements,
called “Disciplines of Freedom.”

  • You’ll facilitate your own workshops or programs (or the equivalent for your unique business) regularly at a pace that supports and stretches you starting at least by January, and ideally from the very beginning of this program by September. We will discuss in a one-to-one coaching call what that looks like for you and support you to create a plan that feels aligned for you. Being truly and consistently of service in valuable ways is the most important aspect of this path.

  • Between January 27 - April 20, a self-commitment to a yogic lifestyle that includes at a minimum:

    • a vegetarian diet (no meat, fish, eggs, or poultry),

    • and sobriety (no alcohol, marijuana, drugs, tobacco, nicotine, or vaporizers. This does not apply to drugs prescribed by a doctor).

    The reason for this to give you an experience of the clear consciousness, potency, and vitality that is available from living a yogic lifestyle that has been practiced by sages across multiple faiths for thousands of years, and particularly how this lifestyle influences your development of your business. Like trying on a t-shirt, you can see how it feels and come to your own conclusions about what works or doesn’t work for you. Three months is the minimum to have a deep experience of the practice. Once the three month minimum is complete there is no expectation for you to stick with it. I will be giving a free vegetarian cooking class to those who request it. If this requirement feels particularly challenging to you or if you have questions or concerns, please contact me directly about it.

  • At some point along the program, perhaps during the liminal class week or during the winter break, a minimum of 3 days, ideally one full week, of living in solitude and silence, for you to listen to whatever within you at the time is wanting you to listen to it. The idea is that truth and creativity is birthed from silence. Silence means solitude away from others, not communicating with others, and deep listening. It can include silent and contemplative activities such as meditation, reading, writing, spiritual practice, or solo yoga. It does not include activities such as watching television, reading the news, and listening to the radio. Listening to music is a maybe, based on your own discrimination. You are encouraged to put yourself in an environment that is away from other people, or to inform the people who live around you that you are in noble silence. For a more structured experience, you can sign up for a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation at the Vipassana center closest to you during the winter break (and if you are to do this, sign up soon because they tend to fill up quickly).

If you want to take these disciplines further, click here…

If you want to go further than this requirement, you can also consider the following additions however these are not required or expected of you:

  • read (or re-read) Chapter 18 of “Bhagavad-Gita As It Is” by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. “Bhagavad-Gita As It Is” which captures the essence of the Vedas, spiritual literature from ancient India. While it was written ~5000 years ago, this book is a guidebook for embodied souls living in the modern material world. This chapter discusses the spiritual science of the accomplishment of action, the different types of factors involved, and the perfection of service. You are not expected to believe the content or the spiritual messages of the text. You are encouraged to take what works for you and leave what doesn’t.

  • between January 27 - April 20, no caffeine (or perhaps transition from coffee to tea). The idea is that caffeine forces Qi (energy) out of the reserves of the body, which overtime depletes Qi. The Qi is what communicates your unique life essence to the world, and so with less Qi, you have less of your unique essence available to serve the world from. This program is about potency. Being potently of service, which includes cutting out traps, cages, and distractions.

  • Between January 27 - April 20, if you are single, you are encouraged to practice celibacy, and if you are in a romantic relationship, conscious sex life, whatever that means for you. The reason for this is that from very personal experience I can say with a deep conviction that sex can be, and often is, an incredibly huge and pleasurable distraction from our vision, and too easily numbs us from the pain of not living a purposeful life. The idea is not that sex is bad. On the contrary, sex is beautiful life energy that I believe in its proper place is here to uplift and awaken; however the reality from where I see it is that the majority of the time, we engage in sex driven by unconscious motivations to avoid pain or distract ourselves from the fear of living a bigger life, which doesn’t honor this energy.

  • If you decide to take on this additional discipline of freedom, you are not asked to avoid sexual self-touch, but to consider avoiding the compulsive need to “scratch an itch” to relieve tension through sexual self-touch. Usually underneath such itches is pain that if we sit with it long enough turns into beautiful self-discovery but it takes not scratching the itch to receive the transformation on the other side.

Embark on your mythopoetic journey…


Resistance is medicine,
a sign of your transformation waiting for you to accept it.
Transcend the fear of fear
and become enchanted by a deep sense of your destiny.
Your desire of life calling can be fiercely trusted.
It is your map towards the wholeness that you already possess inside,
however, like a seed, it requires the fire of the path to help you unlock the potential of your being.

I’d like to tell you a story….

The Story of the “Conference of the Birds”
by Farid ud-Din Attar, translated by Sholeh Wolpé

Once, birds of the world gathered together to discuss who would be their leader as they had none. The hoopoe bird stepped up from among them and proposed that their leader be the Great Simurgh, a legendary benevolent and mythological bird who was only discovered one night because one of its golden feathers fell to the ground as it mystically crossed the sky, sending a ripple pool of inspiration that birthed all the art, science, and literature of the lands. The hoopoe bird invited them to join him on his quest to this Great Beauty because he knew he could not do it alone. He sung about the captivating mysteries of that Great One, and he also described the challenging journey that it required to get there - crossing seven dangerous valleys, valleys which would require among other things abandoning reason for the sake of love and completely surrendering oneself in service to the path. Upon hearing the description of those valleys, frozen in fear, many of the birds died right there, while the rest of them came up with eloquent reasons not to go.

Scene from  The Conference of the Birds  in a Persian miniature The hoopoe, center right, instructs the other birds on the path.

Scene from The Conference of the Birds in a Persian miniature The hoopoe, center right, instructs the other birds on the path.

“The birds fidgeted anxiously now, impatient
to gain admittance to the court of Simurgh.
Such yearning overcame their spirits that each one
stepped forward….
… And yet each bird also feared embarking
on such a long and distant voyage.
Therefore, despite their eagerness,
each came up with an excuse to stay.”

One by one each shared their reason for choosing to stay, and one-by-one the hoopoe responded to each of them with truth, challenge, and beauty. The simple truth was that no reason was more true than the indescribable beauty that was waiting for them through the path.

After exploring their fears and hearing more about the beauty of this Great Mystery, the birds became enchanted by the beauty of their destiny, and courageously began their flight.

After purifying themselves through the seven valleys, they arrived at the abode of the Simurgh, and only thirty birds remained. The rest had died from thirst, hunger, beasts, or giving up. When they arrived they looked with wonder and awe upon the Great Simurgh. To their surprise, they saw thirty birds staring back at them, and when they looked down at themselves, they saw that they were part of the Great Simurgh.

They discovered that the Simurgh was them, and that they were the Simurgh.

Astonished, they asked the Simurgh how this could be, and “wordlessly, the answer came:

‘A mirror is the Beloved’s sun-like face.
Look into it and see both body and soul,
yourself, soul and body, you….
… Though you’ve come in great number,
you still see
you will
always see yourself…
…All that you have known, all that you have seen,
were illusions, all of it.
…The valleys you traversed
were in Me,
the bravery you displayed was Mine.
You were asleep in the valley of my attributes.
You have come and remain thirty astonished birds…
but I am infinitely better than any thirty birds…
…become Me to find yourselves once more.’”

“Silence fell as both the pilgrims and their leader became one with the Way.” Through the path, they merged into unity with this Beloved, and after a hundred timeless centuries without past or future had passed, they returned to themselves.

Free of their egos they were restored to their true beautiful selves.

It required their willingness to completely surrender themselves to the path to unlock the intrinsic wholeness of their own existence. It wasn’t until they learned humility and courage that they could unlock the mystery of their own life.

Giving into fear is not humility. It is pride. Humility is knowing our role; knowing that we are not here to avoid pain, to look good, to maintain the appearance of control, and to protect ourselves from the trials of life; but rather, we are here to serve. To be truly useful in the world. To serve is our real position.

“…Only the brave can be Wayfarers in the Path,
for the journey is long and the waters deep.
It’s best to go on this journey weeping and laughing
and riddled with amazement.
If we discover even a trace of the Beloved,
that will be something!
…. This journey requires a titan of valor
ready to lay sweet life down in the Path.”

At its essence, this path required one thing of the birds: sincerity.

They didn’t need to know the “how.”

They just needed to be sincere.

And this is how it is for us, too.

All we need is to be sincere.

Sincere means you truly want what you say you want, and you’re ready to demonstrate your sincerity through giving 100% with your aligned & integrous action.

When you are sincere, you are protected and the “how” is naturally revealed.

When you are sincere, you won’t allow yourself to give in to the fear.

It doesn’t mean you’re not scared, but rather while feeling the fear, you allow yourself to be guided by a deep sense of your own destiny - the vision of what you know your life is about - and fly towards that Great Beauty - the great beauty that is you.


 "It is the love of something, having so much love for something-whether a person, a word, an image, an idea, a land, or humanity-that all that can be done with the overflow is to create. It is not a matter of wanting to, not a singular act of will;
one solely must."
- Clarissa Pinkola Estés


There are three ways to work with me…


”Emergence” 9-Month Mentorship Program + “Coming Home” 12-week Online Marketing School

(begins September 23)

The Deep Dive: 9-Month Group Mentorship + Online School

Schedule a free call with me to discover if this program is right for you. We’ll talk about your vision, what’s blocking you, and what transformation will be required of you to birth your vision into the world. As you explore your consideration of this program, I’ll listen with a neutral ear so your own inner knowing can come forward. I trust you know what you need.

Sincere Foundations: The Self-Study Path. 12-Week Online School only

(Release to the public coming soon)

This School is valued at $1000.

The first 20 people who register will receive a significant discount. Subscribe to receive access to this opportunity:


“Coming Home: The Mythopoetic School of Transformative Marketing”

12-Week Online
Self-Study School


Transformative One-on-One Coaching
or Consulting

Courageous Introspection
+ Refined Clarity: 1-on-1 Work


If you are as human as me, then stepping into life calling might scare you as much as it inspires you. This 1-on-1 time is a safe, nurturing & empowering space for you to move through your fears and treat each of your doubts as a door into a deepened knowing and faith in your unique value and contribution. This option is ideal for new healers who want to tend to the garden of their hearts before rolling up their soul-sleeves and getting to work.


We work together to help you clarify the groundwork of your business and your marketing foundations so that you leave our work with a clear map of who you are, who you serve, what you offer, and your distinct energy & stories so that you can easily create content and copy that speaks to the heart of your people for the rest of your business. This option is great for healers who are ready to jump into the fire but feel a bit foggy and want some help to get clear on your content & offerings.

3-Month Journey:
One payment of $720
or 3 monthly payments of $254

6-Month Journey:
One payment of $1296
or 6 monthly payments of $229

To register, schedule a free connection call.
We’ll talk about your vision and see if I can help.

Surrender to your calling


(the Universe will catch you)


Not ready to register, but feeling the substance & spirit of this work?

Subscribe to receive my personal letters and stories on grounded spirituality, dharma, sincere service, authentic marketing, and cultivating the soul-life; as well as special discounts on offerings.

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